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spinning again

June 1, 2020

a new week – number 14

and a new month

the window hexie and fabrics for the following weeks

I went shopping today – if only briefly

the first day my favorite fibre store, Knotty by Nature, is open

I can spin again, 100 gms. of muga silk roving

I have a plan

my daughter-in-law gave me a home grown pepper plant

the ladybug hitched a ride home

I’m hoping it feasts on the aphids that have attacked the roses

bye bye month of May

May 29, 2020

I will not be sorry to see the end of this month

nothing to do with the virus – just taxes

the government gave us extra time to file and I took advantage

when I finally got around to working on it – horrors! there was a mistake on one of my T5 slips

the result – I owed the gov’t $14,000 – that was so ridiculous I knew immediately there was a problem

it took 3 weeks of back and forth to get a fix from the investment co. and I’m still not sure that it will be acceptable

then my computer and the software I’ve used, without a problem, for 5 years had a meltdown

2 days of of sleepless nights and I finally found a solution and was able to click send

2 days before the deadline – whew – I need a cold one

so I’ve been taking my frustration out on the garden

an old brick path was uncovered and a meditation corner created

I moved the fairy house, I hope they find it

if you click on the picture you can see Sir Froggy lounging at the front door

foxgloves are blooming everywhere, I let them self-seed as they are easy to pull if not wanted

and their interior patterns are some of the most amazing in the plant world

beside them the pink peonies fill the yard with a soft, sweet scent

we got to self-isolate on Carrie’s birthday

James complains that I never have Border collies on my blog

so here are Milo

and Bentley

I haven’t completely abandoned fibre

the wedge weave is progressing slowly outside in the sun

and in the evenings when I’m too tired to do anything else

hexies are still coming together

that’s it – see you in June

happy 19th

May 25, 2020

another birthday girl


19 and going strong

doing a summer college class online and returning to part time work this week

and she can weave

and because it is Monday, another hexie in the window

stay safe everyonebirthday

a different way to celebrate

May 20, 2020


and happy birthday to Dad, tomorrow

we’ll celebrate together – sometime – later

 and we’ll have our girl’s day out with Carrie

 a birthday bouquet – everything is blooming purple

clematis – “The President”

reaching for the sun

these iris are spreading out by the pond

a different iris, with a touch of gold

the lavender is loving the warm weather

chives in abundance


May 18, 2020

Happy Birthday Queen Victoria!

it’s a holiday Monday

Canada and most definitely Victoria, the city named in her honor, celebrates the current ruling monarch’s birthday

on May 24th or the weekend preceding it

the city of Victoria has always had a grand parade – I’ve been going since I was a child

in Canada it is considered the start of Summer

well, Summer is definitely on the way – without a parade this year

 a 12th hexie is up in the window

and under the window, hiding in the bergenia root

my own mushroom patch

it must be the Spring rains


May 17, 2020

in this time of self isolation I’m spending my time

gardening, baking, walking – to work off the baking!, and stitching (not even much weaving happening)

nature has taken over -some leaves on the rhubarb are over 3 feet across

I’m spending as much time leaving it on people’s doorsteps as cooking with it

Rhubarb Pecan Muffins

2 cups flour – I use a combination of white and whole wheat

3/4 c. sugar

1 1/2 tsp. baking pwd.

1/2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp. salt

3/4 c. chopped pecans – I use walnuts

1 egg

2 tsp. grated orange rind – or lemon

3/4 c. orange juice – I squeezed a lemon and made up the volume with water

1 1/4 cups finely chopped rhubarb

combine all ingredients  Bake @ 350 degrees  25-30 min.

makes 1 dozen

and while I’m still in the kitchen

I’ve gone back to baking bread every week

(and delivering one loaf to a friend hot out of the oven)

all my life I’ve baked with Robin Hood flour

and oatmeal in my favorite cookies

the friendly yellow bag has disappeared – the company ran out of the bags

and are now using plain white ones

it is sometimes hard to find and my store asks that you only take one bag but at least it is available

it is good to get in the habit of reading labels

buy local, support your community and your country

our farmers need your support more than ever

I think this label would make a good tapestry design

meanwhile the hexie bug is occupying my time and mind

I needed to see how they all go together

so what better than indigo boro?

not super tiny but still small – 3.25 cm. across

the center, stripe fabric, from my old shirt looks crazy – because that is the way I feel


and I realize from careful study of the inspiration piece (last post)

that it is all machine stitched – how the heck did they do that?

anyhow now that I am getting accustomed to living alone – really alone

I’m going to straighten future strips and hopefully they will all go in the same direction

here’s what it looks like from the back

there is more to hexie making than meets the eye

cutting all the little fabric squares and cutting the paper patterns

and guess what? you need a lot of the patterns

as the piece grows bigger and you leave the paper in the outside hexies – to keep them stable for stitching

I have great respect for anyone making a large quilt – it would take me a lifetime

on my daily walk I came across several of these trees

does anyone know what they are?

the white “leaf” would seem to be the flower and a hard, round fruit is forming at the stem

also a single, large mushroom – we’ve been having some much needed rain

it is more than 4 inches across, buried in a large patch of ivy and appears to be alone

hard to identify without seeing the stalk and gills

the sun is out – I off for my walk

p.s. – it is amazing the picture you can take

while laying flat on your stomach on the roadside

and pointing the camera up

I wanted a picture before the ‘shroom started to deliquesce

it could be a “shaggy parasol” or Lepiota rachodes although they generally grow in groups

it doesn’t really matter as I don’t think it will dye and I have no intention of eating it



Scrap Happy May

May 15, 2020

whew! -hot off the needle

16″ x 12″

the background is a collection of scraps;

some handwoven with Japanese paper thread which was first used to practice calligraphy using sumi ink

then cut and spun – shifu

the grey pieces were scraps given to me in Japan, woven with horsehair

the finishing edge is a fine linen belt for a jacket/vest I bought in Kyoto in 1987 – I never wore the belt

also used for the stems and leaves with only a small scrap left

the coloured flowers are interior design fabric samples from the 1990’s

the indigo hexie flowers are scraps from the shibori lining of my first Haori

sewn at the Japanese Textile Workshop in 2016

the mother-of-pearl buttons are from my collection, these are so tiny I think they came from baby clothes

all the kantha stitching was done with thrums

I wanted to see how small it was possible to make hexies

individual, finished hexies are 1.5 cm. across, the flower is 5 cm.

I tried different fabrics/techniques for stems and almost gave up when I found this image saved to my pinterest page

wish I could give credit to the person who did the work but the picture was saved a couple years ago

the work of all those appliqued stems and petals is amazing

I used the last of the Japanese linen to make just a few

the work needs a title but nothing comes to mind

May is my second anniversary of joining this scrap happy group

and I have posted every month since

to visit more scrap happy posts this is the list from Kate’s post

P.S. Kate offered the perfect title – “Yuki no Hana” translated as Snow Flower

you can listen to the song on youtube

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