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having fun

May 21, 2015

there is nothing like facing the age of ones offspring – or grandchildren

to remind one of the passage of time

Jillian, my youngest granddaughter turned 11 yesterday

her grandfather (my ex.) was 75 the same day

and today is her father’s turn – and it’s a big one!

Two windersurfersHAPPY BIRTHDAY Paul

that’s grandson Iain getting a ride

fair winds and happy sailing

carry on

May 20, 2015

it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Family Album 457HAPPY BIRTHDAY  – Jillian

finally – the towels are finished

P1060851 too much time wasted avoiding this warp

the linen threads caused serious problems

after finishing the first three towels

I cut them off and re-tied

(and seriously considered abandoning the rest of the warp!)

P1060852after 40 years of weaving, still learning lessons

P1060854what’s next?

do I tempt fate and use up more linen?

P1060856meanwhile the clematis blooms

showing off

May 14, 2015

the Tsouhalem Spinners and Weavers Guild

invited me to show them my rag weaving and boro pieces

so with 2 bags packed I drove north

unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures

the camera wouldn’t work (my fault not the cameras!!)

P1060827later, at a friends farm for lunch – when I fixed me and the camera worked

this lovely red-breasted sapsucker was happy to pose beside the poppies

clothing 002this was one of the pieces I took to the guild

the start, several years ago, of using up handwoven samples

except for the lining all the fabric is woven

working around log cabin squares

all the piecing was machine stitched

 the seams were covered with a variety of hand stitches

P1060833the only fabric I wove specifically for this piece was a Monk’s belt warp

for the black and white – and some colour pieces

including five yellow squares on front and back sleeves and center back

representing a family crest

P1060845the lining repeated the black and white theme

P1060838and the ceramic buttons were a lucky find

P1060837the only problem – it is quite heavy

you have to eat your wheaties before wearing it for any length of time

motherhood is a lifelong committment

May 10, 2015


love and laughter to all

P1060215did they grow – or did I shrink??

nothing new

May 7, 2015

blue is blooming, the sun is shining, birds are singing

it feels like Summer

P1060810the gentian is having a good year

gardening 002

“the President” clematis surrounds the studio door

P1060804the second shibori piece was wrapped with ikat tape

I wanted to dye a piece with a mainly white background

shirokage shibori in Japanese or white shadow

P1060814here it is, on the left, compared with the first fabric

blowing in the breeze

P1060823not the pure white I was hoping for but getting closer

P1060806not much weaving being done

this is the third bath towel – with a red border

flowers 007Mt. Saint Helen’s azalea is exploding

blue is not the only colour!

everything is blue again

May 3, 2015

now that the weather is warming up it is back to the indigo vat

P1060797handspun cotton

handspun silk dyed last year with lichen and top dyed

P1060796cotton tablecloth dyed 2 years ago with just the horizontal stripes

folded, board clamped and dyed again

P1060798silk organza that soaked up the dye

wish I could remember where I bought this!

P1060800this fabric is a silk/linen blend from Sanjo Silk


it is crisp and fine and wonderful

and I know where to get more!

first I dyed a half width of 1 metre

stitched, gathered and pole wrapped

in the top right of the picture you can see the back which was against the pole and resisted the dye

on the left is the other half width ready to go


this pattern will be a little different – I think

one of the reasons I enjoy shibori, there is often an element of surprise

la fete du muguets

May 1, 2015

P1060755it is traditional in France, on May 1st, to give bouquets of lily of the valley to friends

it started with King Charles IX in 1561

it seems a little strange as all parts of the plant are considered poisonous

a corner of my back garden has been taken over – they are invasive!

for a brief time the scent is breathtaking

P1060794lily of the valley and linen seem made for each other

I found this wonderful Irish linen in my favorite consignment store

the label said tea towel but it is 40″ X 29″ (101 cm. X 73 cm.)

never used – $8.00


Happy Spring


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