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more colour blending

March 3, 2015

still working on the stash

so many colour changes make the warping SLOW

tea towels again – for the Studio Tour in April



there is a pattern in the colour and block repeats

I like to mix it up a little


the results are very Spring-ish

P1060507a 10 harness double two-tie unit weave

using only one colour for the weft the weaving is going quickly

white weft for the first towel, yellow for the second

now back to the loom

simple pleasures

March 1, 2015

the days are changing so quickly – hard to believe it’s March 1st P1060492

one of the second-hand stores on my route

puts pretty little labels on every item – it drives me crazy

“china tea cup, picture frame, old box,” etc.

last week there was a lonely little kokeshi doll – the label read  “don’t know” !

she wasn’t expensive, I didn’t need her and she wasn’t particularly special

but she needed a friend

P1060499so here she is – at the back on the left – I’ve named her Donoko

she arrived at the same time as this book


written by Manami Okazaki, all the proceeds from the book go to the Tohoku relief fund

for the victims and survivors of the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami

the two kokeshi beside the book are my first

I think they were clutched in a hot little hand until the design and finish was mostly worn off

On her blog Love Those “Hands at Home”

Kerry has shown pictures of the most remarkable fashions all created in paper

even the buttons and lace

from The Museum of Costume and Textile of Quebec

P1060501because I’ve been working on details for Treadle Lightly

and my brain is full of Conference thoughts

I decided to try making recycled paper flowers

with the help of the book Paper Flowers  by Denise Brown

I started with roses, shopping bag paper and the small white one is from the inside of an envelope

if I make a dozen flowers every week for 2 1/2 years I’ll have 130 dozen flowers – ha ha!


threads and things

February 23, 2015

time to start thinking about planting

P1060483first on the list is starting the indigo indoors

and dreaming with the seed catalogue

Seedy Saturday, an annual event to get gardeners in the mood, was on the weekend

there was even some weaving

P1060474this Bushtit’s nest is a work of art

 cotton spinning is progressing slowly

P1060485I’m plying it with a fine linen singles

P1060486it’s much nicer than I thought possible

P1060481another tea towel warp

I was planning something a little more luxurious

but the Studio Tour is approaching, in April, and tea towels were on the list

a multi-coloured warp took time to wind

hopefully the threading will be trouble-free

the front beam of my loom is easily removed so I can sit inside the loom and be comfortable

but once again I’ve choosen a two shuttle, 10 harness pattern

so the weaving will take time

I don’t put on an extra long warp in one colour/pattern and weave dozens of towels simply changing the weft colour

if I had to weave that way I’d become a potter

so-o – turn up the music and carry on!

Spring cleaning

February 15, 2015

the sun is shining


Spring cleaning is in the air

handspun and luxury yarns – hidden from the moths

P1060451sorted and re-packaged

P1060454too much stuff – I’ll never use all of this in my lifetime!

P1060464and I found this big stash of cotton

years old, from my beginning spinning days when I couldn’t spin cotton

it is very rough, short fibre

used for caulking wooden boats – that was in my sailing days

it will keep me busy spinning until next winter

P1060468and 2 pounds of mohair – yikes!

P1060472but the hairy hemp is finished

P1060463alternating blocks in both the warp and weft are plain weave and pattern

because there are an odd number of colours the blocks also alternate after one full colour repeat

in a four harness threading this gives an amazing variety of shades

P1060467what’s next?

tea towels for the Studio Tour in April

P1060455I’m going to have to move as quickly as the humming-bird

moving forward

February 12, 2015

anyone interested in submitting work for the Juried Show, Open Show and Fashion Show

for  Treadle Lightly  ANWG 2017

 categories and requirements are now posted on the website – click on events

P1060450the hairy hemp warp has been proceeding – slowly

inch by inch

with only one broken warp thread so far – is that tempting fate?

the empty back beam is at the top of the picture

almost finished

P1060447the pieced work is finally a good size

with no more blocks to add  I’ve basted old sheeting on the back

and have started more stitching


this may take a while

it keeps me warm while I stitch at night

 the weather is almost Spring-like

spring 132

of butterflies and worms

February 9, 2015

silk – no other fibre shouts “luxury” more loudly than silk

P1060441bottom left are reeled silk from Bryan in Japan

on the right, noil silk from Sanjo Silks

top, my handspun, natural dyed silk

a good resource – Cheryl Kolander’s book A Silk Worker’s Notebook 

today, on Bryan’s blog a video showing the reeling process

and here

fascinating videos of collecting and raising butterflies

check them out


increasing light

February 7, 2015

stormy weather – over the Strait of Juan de Fuca

we have had torrential rain but the small Northern town I was brought up in has had 120 cm. (47 inches) of snow in 24 hours

I am not complaining!


a good day to stay in and weave

designing and stitching the blocks for my latest boro piece


the last corner ready to go together


then I can clean up my mess – piles of scraps everywhere


and the fun begins

kantha stitching on many of the blocks

and feathers, to repeat the bird theme

also a good time to clean closets

I spent 2 days searching for something and then remembered I had taken it to a charity shop

ha! – a good excuse not to clean, sort and reduce


but I found these – old lesson boards from my interior design days

lessons I still apply to all my work

creating unity depends on

balance, harmony and rhythm

together with the basic elements of design

line, form, space, light/colour and texture

P1060424the light comes and goes


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