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June 25, 2022

we have a new weather warning – heat!

 the snow is melting and the rivers are flooding – how quickly things can change

Rosie has finally taken off her sweater

but she felt a little bit exposed so we created some underwear

a visit to the Hittys and some design instructions from an expert

et voila!

some bloomers that fit a bear – with crocheted silk trim

and a mother-of-pearl button

that design problem solved she now wants overalls

still stitching “the scroll”

I’ve come to think of this as doodling with needle and thread

the small scissors are ones I use every day – good tools are so important

the fabric is a small scrap and can only be cut in 25″ lengths – the tree covers the join

and I’ve been catsitting the neighbour’s cat so Patti made an appearance

now out to water the garden before it gets too hot


June 21, 2022

celebrating the first day of Summer

the bears and assorted friends wanted to explore the garden

Gilbert and Pookie visited the fairie tree but nobody was home – and Mr. Frog was asleep

Rosie was impatient to see the veggie patch and find something to eat but the strawberries aren’t ripe yet

she didn’t want to get her feet dirty so sat on my garden gloves – they made a nice cushion

meanwhile Little bear climbed up the bamboo stakes to check out the peas  – they are only just starting to blossom

but the rhubarb is impressive

it has been a very late Spring

Arthur and LB decided to rest under the French lavender

but it was dangerous – swarming with bees

bee populations are threatened around the world so we are trying to plant things they like

and a squirrel came by to see what all the fuss was about – he is waiting for the walnuts to grow

so…we’ve decided to have ice cream

our favorite brand of ice cream has introduced some new Canadian flavors – we choose “Nanaimo bars”

my Japanese roommate loved them – in Japanese nana imo translates to seven potatoes

Happy Summer everyone

a family affair

June 19, 2022

Happy Father’s Day

Paul and James

I still miss my Dad

he loved to fish

Congratulations to Jillian

graduating from high school

and on to the next adventure

Scrap Happy June

June 14, 2022

sometimes an idea appears in the most surprising place

after spending a day out with a friend we ended up at the pub

and the very sweet waitress was wearing this….

she seemed pleased that I noticed the bag and loved her shibori, indigo dyed culottes

she found the bag at a thrift store

and happily posed for a picture

so here is my copy – two pockets in one

all scraps with the exception of the zipper – and it needed a zipper because the larger pocket is perfect for a passport

not that I’m going anywhere in the near future – but you never know!

it is lined to make it stronger and create a tidy finish

the glass button from the button jar gives it a bit of glam – is it all too flashy?

and I’m ready to go traveling

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looking back and connecting threads

June 9, 2022

we have been warned to expect another atmospheric river – heavy rain and possibly strong wind

already rivers are flooding and this is not suppose to happen at this time of year

it is too wet to work in the garden

“Lady’s Mantle” is blooming – the tiny yellow flowers give a strong, permanent yellow dye which is good for top dyeing with indigo

it is easy to grow, makes a good ground cover/filler plant, self seeds but can be easily pulled up

the most interesting part of the plant is the leaves which hold rain in big pearly drops

and it is an easy, free source of colour

back to spinning (silk) in the evenings

singles on my favorite Turkish spindle and then plied on the wheel

looking back this month to February 2011 – still relevant today – click on “continue reading”

eleven years since writing this I have learned a great deal about the threads and connections made on the internet!


glorious colour

June 8, 2022

my clematis “The President” is enjoying the cool, damp weather

although some of us would prefer more sun

and so I am taking this time inside to stitch

for now I am calling this piece a banner but, in time, it will reveal its true self

the bees are buzzing around the lavender – can you smell it?

the very old photo (approximately 1912) is of my mother, in the middle, and her sister and brother

it was printed on fine cotton using an ink-jet printer and freezer paper

busy as a bee (or a Canadian beaver) progress is being made

the small garden at my hairdresser’s is a riot of colour

bright and cheerful

nature’s paintbrush


living on the land

May 30, 2022

I have finished reading Finding the Mother Tree by Suzanne Simard

it will change the way I look at trees, forests, mushrooms and the earth itself – forever

my childhood was spent in northern British Columbia, the forest was my playground, the trees my friends

summers were spent in a cabin ( which my Mother built) on the shores of Lakelse Lake

and a walk in the woods meant looking out for bears

(there is quite a bit of that in the book as well)

my father, me, mother’s friend and my sister

and all of this brings me to a link to Quimper Hitty’s post today

and the trees on Haida Gwaii

and a totally different link but well worth the look of rural Japan on NHK


new beginnings

May 29, 2022

I needed a new challenge

 there is no time limitations – only one rule

do some work EVERY day – five minutes or an hour – a little or a lot

stitching on a heavy, unbleached cotton – a long, narrow piece

doddle-ing with needle and thread – random daily thoughts

family birthdays got me off to a quick start

the thread that runs through life will hopefully hold it together

the very old embroidered silk doily fell out of a scrap bag, begging to be used

so I added a scrap of indigo dyed shibori and a few blue daisies

yesterday was a welcome day out with my friend Mary

first stop was Fired Up – my favorite pottery show, it was wonderful to be back after 2 years

just seeing and talking to talented, creative people is inspiring

I regret it now but I didn’t buy anything

driving back to the city we took the scenic route, drove through my teenage neighbourhood and past my high schools

a trip down memory lane

of course a trip to the pub was necessary – Spinnakers – where we shared a marvelous charcuterie board

forgot to take a picture – definitely will have to go back!

everything is made “in house” and the huge, fat oysters are local

I had a new beer – on the menu it has been renamed “hull and boats”

but was originally named “hull and oats”

too close to home for a certain rock duo and the brew house has been forced to change the name

sad when a group who claims to be the”most successful duo in musical history” feels threatened by a small brew pub in Victoria

click on the picture and read the pub’s description – great marketing!

and I enjoyed it enough to bring some home – for the hot summer days that are hopefully soon to come

although it was a grey day Victoria harbour is always spectacular

the garden is blooming, the irises are abundant

mother nature showing off

and the arugula has self seeded everywhere

another birthday

May 25, 2022


have a great day – hope you are doing something fun – lots of love

forever blowing bubbles

time challenge

May 23, 2022

one hundred days – 15 minutes each day – 25 hours

and it is finished!

at the beginning I stitched 2 pages (blank at that time) together

then machine stitched the four pages together (right sides together) as they were finished

so today, when I finished page #20 and stitched the four together

all I had to do was slip the slot and tab construction together – it took a couple tries to get them right

the back binding when finished – it’s 1 1/2 inches thick

I attempted a video several times but couldn’t get it to download

so here it is finished

and I made one large, very disappointing mistake

what was intended to be the front cover was stitched on a tab page not a slot page – and it matters!

my brain completely confuses the two- but I now know to be very careful the next time

if ever there is a next time

so page #3 should have been the front

pages #4-5








#20 – the back page – at least I got that right

a pocket from an old pair of jeans and a tiny teddy

he has a string around his collar – like I had on mittens many years ago

my Mom gave me the labels years ago and this one was hanging out in the stash

what did I learn?

what a truly scary amount of “stuff” is hiding in boxes, drawers and cupboards

 a lot about time management and how it both flies and drifts

and a confession – some days the 15 minutes stretched into 20 or 25 minutes