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conference registration

January 16, 2017

conference-ribbon-coloursjust a reminder

registration starts tomorrow

for “Treadle Lightly”

ANWG Conference 2017

hope you are planning to join us

and plan to enter your work in either the Juried Show or Open Show

why not both?


January 13, 2017

once off the loom it took some time to put “pen to paper”!


the pages are all double so the back of any stitching doesn’t show

 it also gives the pages a nice weight

I’m planning on hard covers with some form of stitching on the spine

p1110151red weft is woven at the folded edge so it will show when all the pages are stitched

p1110150and on the front edge, different pastel colours


 the inside of the front cover and the title page

p1110154several titles came to mind

I choose “fragments” stitched on kakishibu dyed linen

it sets the tone

p1110156I love to wander but  do occasionally feel lost

not sure the twisted fringe will stay but it’s fine for now

and I might get much better at stitching letters

p1110158this book was a gift, an elegant blend of Japanese and Scandinavian style

  I haven’t done any work from it so now is a good time

p1110157what better for January than snowflakes

some stitched ones yet to do

a doily tatted by one of my Mom”s friends

she was my piano teacher when I was young

and also the junior choir leader – I couldn’t keep a tune to save my soul

but she always encouraged me

 let it snow!

a winter garden

January 10, 2017

last September grandson Iain and I visited several local Japanese gardens

then school happened and soccer and more interesting things

but the school project is due

 yesterday was a pro-D day so time to get on with it

of course it is January and it has been a winter of extreme weather

p1110139the compost box in the background isn’t exactly perfect but….

Dad helped with the surrounding the day before

hopefully the weeds won’t come up through the landscape fabric

p1110140weighing down the fabric meant we could walk on it p1110141Iain did the heavy shovellingp1110142then it was off to the beach for a good rock

the weather was perfect, warm-ish with no wind and blue sky

the tide was in, all the rocks were either too big or part of the breakwater

we settled on three that we could carry – two in the bag at Iain’s feet

it took both of us to carry it up the steep bank to the car

and then go back for the third

p1110144the Canada geese were not impressed with us or their frozen pond

p1110146 we went home to complete the job

p1110147plants I potted up in September will have to wait to go in the ground

this morning we woke up to a dusting of snow and a bitter wind

the weather Gods were kind to us

book pages

January 8, 2017

many moons ago, when the world was warm

I dyed a full sheet of Japanese paper in the indigo vat

couldn’t dye long enough to get a strong colour

the paper became weak and tore a little

not good for cutting shifu thread

so it was placed on the bottom of the pile – and waited


looking for weft for book pages

I got busyp1110133

can you see the little beads of paper that are created when tearing the individual paper threads from the top and bottom of the sheet?

in Japan I was taught that they were proof that the paper thread was hand-made

p1110134next in line was a 20/1 linen dyed with kakishibu

it was like wire and difficult to weave

p1110135underneath it is a beautiful silver-grey European hemp singles

which was almost as badly behaved as the linen

p1110136and finally the end is in sight

on a very dark, wet Sunday

not good for a visit to the beach

p1110137the final pair of monthly pages

weft is paper again, the finest I have ever cut

1.5 mm – it is plied with kimono silk, approximately 120/2

tomorrow I can cut it off and see if the idea is going to work!


January 6, 2017

having a difficult time getting going

weather is cold and I’m not good in the cold

the fabric book is weaving slowly

each month consists of two facing pages – the warp will run horizontally

the first page woven with a different weft and the facing page same as the warpp1110122space dyed fine silk – bright and warm

p1110124handspun singles, factory waste silk, carded with a little mohair – lots of texture

p1110128shifu, paper thread with sumi ink writing – a secret message?

this is fun!

but it is only the start, once the pages are woven

the big challenge is the monthly design??

as most of January will be taken up with weaving – trying to get pages for one month finished each day

I’ve started on the January page

p1110120tiny  – 1 3/4 inchies – to applique

using up the smallest amount of scraps

all hand stitched

the piece on the lower right is how each square is started

p1110121they take almost as long to stitch as a larger piece

but they are addictive – just wish they used up more of the scraps

and the month is flying by!

I’ll be starting a new beginners weaving class soon and have room for another student

if you know anyone in the area who might be interested

let me know or ask them to get in touch

very interesting video on NHK World on kimono and modern designs

in the menu click on Video, scroll down until you find “Design Talks” and click on “Kimono”

and more kimono if you click on “Core Kyoto”


welcome 2017

January 1, 2017

everything old is new againp1110113beautiful old linen from the stash

soon to become book pages

“hope is the thing with feathers

that perches in the soul

and sings the tunes without the words

and never stops at all.”

Emily Dickinson

best wishes to all

for a happy, healthy and peacefully new year

finishing the year and starting the new one

December 28, 2016

it took awhile – but it’s finished

p1110104all hand stitched

Betsy is modeling – the front

p1110105and the back

there where a few small problems to solve

Western dressmaking techniques were helpful

when hand weaving fabric to make into clothing

I weave widths that don’t need cutting – that is how kimono lengths evolved

it eliminates unnecessary waste of precious fabric

I miscalculated the width and it was 3.5 inches too wide

the extra width gave me longer sleeves – which are very nice for winter wear

p1110102cutting it would mean losing the single colour panel at the underarm

children’s kimono that are handed down and remade

often have a pleat over the shoulder that is let out as the grow

I don’t plan to grow – hopefully

p1110108but I pleated the extra width

 short in the front, over the shoulder and half way down the back

it makes the hanten loose and swing-y

problem solved

p1110103and the not so good dye job on the silk lining

doesn’t look too bad

the collar band woven on a separate warp is a good contrast

preparing to start the new year

a linen warp ready for the loom

I’ve decided to continue the monthly challenge

a little smaller this time –  remember fabric books?

p1110111I’ve made a couple of paper samples

and with the help of Alisa Golden’s excellent book

January is on the way