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July 1, 2015

Oh Canada – Happy Birthday!


2 years exactly until Treadle Lightly – ANWG 2017 conference

Canada will be 150 years young

let’s celebrate!


June 30, 2015

to all of you who left a comment regarding my rather challenging choice of colours

thank you

as each of you knows, comments are what make blogging worthwhile

P1070139shown here with a 2013 page from my journal

(which I had completely forgotten when choosing the warp)

on the rare occasions when I attempt to break out of my colour rut

the results are encouraging – should do it more often

P1070149samples are invaluable – as is a good finishing

P1070147who would have thought? when it was on the loom

what’s next?

more samples

P1070142and the shibori?

I think I could improve on this but I’m still rather pleased

P1070143when I started stitching all I had to go on was a picture

it took 3 rows of stitching (at the top) before I realized the mistake

P1070144the back and front are quite different due to wrapping it on a rope

P1070145not washed and ironed yet, I love the texture

off to water the garden.


June 28, 2015

little mistakes add up

P1070132 boulevard weave – 10 harnesses/shafts – plus 2 extra for the selvedges

I find it difficult to work with these colours

the camera didn’t like them either but this is fairly close

they are 4 of the 7 Treadle Lightly official colours

and I thought I needed a challenge!

there were problems at every step

at one point I cut it all off and re-threaded the heddles

P1070134pegging the dobby bars took a very long time

when it was finally time to weave mistakes were difficult to see

 this one became obvious after taking a picture

P1070117meanwhile the shibori stitching was going slowly

I was ready to quit and call it a sample when I saw Ogata-san’s mokume shibori,  on  Japanese Textile Workshops (June 24)

she is 97 and 3/4 – if she can do it so can I

P1070122this is it after the first dip

many more to go.

Summer threads

June 24, 2015

enjoying the summer thyme


looking for some better quality fabric to use in my Strippy quilt

I found these huck towels in the consignment store

P1070110don’t gasp, Kerry, I’ve decided they are too fine to cut up

which only adds to the stash and doesn’t solve my need

P1070109one of them has a weaving mistake, the factory loom hiccupped

P1070113and this Japanese bowl with a traditional wave pattern, frequently seen on textiles

 a different spatter pattern on the outside

inspiration for indigo dyeing and sashiko

P1070111and – some printer’s letters to add to my collection

what I thought was an”e” turned out to be a 6 or 9

that’s the thrill of the hunt!

but, what’s next?

P1070112sampling – Boulevard weave, new to me and difficult to find information

one small picture in the book  8, 12…20 by Kathryn Wertenberger

spent far too much time playing on Fiberworks

decided I had to turn the draft, which made it look upsidedown to my now muddled brain

printed the threading, cut it apart and now I can see it will work

why all this work?

TREADLE LIGHTLY–the ANWG Conference 2017 at UVic in Victoria

P1070116looking for a weave structure where I can blend several of the conference colours

stay tuned to see how this works

P1070106and if you come to the conference , take the time for a stroll on the beach.

what’s next?

June 21, 2015

the weaving is finished

P1070092the yarn in the dark warp stripe is handspun, 2 ply baby mohair

it didn’t full as much as the other warp yarns

that’s what happens sometimes when using handspun yarns, from the stash

c’est la vie!

P1070094 on the right, the weft is handspun,2 ply silk, lichen dyed

the weft on the left is an interesting commercial yarn available from Sanjo Silk

P1070086it is 3 threads of noil silk plyed with an extremely fine reeled silk

when the scarf came off the loom it was as stiff as a board

not what you want for a scarf

after a vigorous washing in synthrapol and a vinegar rinse it is soft and drapey

P1070091not the greatest picture but this shows the lace blocks in the pattern

so — what’s next?

I seem to be having a weaver’s block

 even considered that it may be time to move on

meanwhile it is back to the garden where I will think about it.

stars in my eyes

June 18, 2015

another gatheringP1070049summer has come to mean indigo and shibori

this one is stitched and wrapped

by the time it was finished my fingers were sore

after 12 or 13 dips – I lost count – in the indigo

and drying overnight

the exciting part P1070052very carefully removing all the threads

 it was worth the work

P1070054each star is a little bit different

P1070056it is the slight irregularities that keep drawing me back to shibori

what’s next?

P1070063a different pattern

I had to get some new fabric – this is the best I could find

it wasn’t cheap and I’m not impressed

who weaves this stuff??

the marker pen was fading out as fast as I was finishing a line

finally I had to go over each line three times

I’ll see how long it is visible before proceeding

P1070060five balls of thick and thin cotton knitting yarn had been in my stash for years

wound into skeins it dyed a nice dark colour with only ten dips

weft for weaving.

books – new and old

June 14, 2015

a new warpP1070024warp and weft 2 ply handspun

silk- silk and mohair with blended colours – silk and camel

asking for trouble – again?


one shuttle, I often use two or more so this should be quick

   threaded with plain weave on the selvedges so no float

behaving itself, weaving is soft and gentle

2 scarves, different wefts

P1070035the pattern, twill and lace blocks on 12 harnesses

found in this wonderful old book, printed in 1960

P1070037I also have a sample (green)

woven, in 1991, by Marguerite Schreiber for Cross Country Weavers

a retiring weaver gifted me her five binders of samples from the group

a wonderful treasure, than you Anne

they were a group of experienced weavers  who choose a project every year

and then exchanged marvelous, multi-shaft samples

the pattern would look splendid in linen!

and another giftP1070038the Spirit and Beauty of Korean handicrafts

visually stunning this book is a well researched introduction

 not only to Korean handicrafts but history and culture

 P1070041 it includes ceramics, paper, metal, wood and painting as well as fibre arts

P1070045and an inspiring chapter connecting the past with a hopeful future

P1070039written by Debbi Kent and Joan Suwalsky

another treasure


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