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Busy days

April 30, 2016

yesterday we left the farmhouse at 8am and returned at 11 pm

a very long day in Tokyo 

which included a 1 1/2 hour drive each way, the Edo Museum and the Boro Museum

a busy train journey across the city to shop at the trendy store – Kapital

dinner and home – sorry, no pictures as I didn’t take the iPad

early morning, first in the shower

I’ve been waking up at 5 am, must be the country air

the peony is blooming

the kaeru are noisy

my first hanten, hand stitch with a half lining 

finished and washed in three days 

 I was the last in the lineup for lining and got special pieces out of Bryan’s treasure box

a geisha, bunnies and in the centre a piece of Bryan’s handwoven silk 

sensei getting us organized and Truus in the kitchen making tea

more equipment,stored in every spare corner

the big heavy beams of the old farmhouse are magnificent

maru dai for weaving kumihimo

ito maki thread spools

it is 11:48, time to get my beauty sleep

another long day tomorrow

a day in paradise

April 27, 2016

the day starts here

up the ladder to my private room -luxury! a shower in the new bath house

after breakfast of French toast – we’re being spoiled

a walk up/down the mountain with the dogs

a wander around the house

looms tucked in corners everywhere

the outdoor dyeing centre

time to get to work, starting on our first hand stitched hanten

with the expert assistance from Yazaki Keiko, our kimono sewing sensei

still working at 9:15 with another hour to go 

this is a holiday?

thanks to everyone who has left a comment, they are much appreciated

I don’t have the time or energy to reply. šŸ˜…


April 23, 2016

after a hot sunny week the day dawned wet and grey

the azalea Mount St.Helens is just starting to bloom

it was an early start, flying from Victoria to Vancouver

transferring to Japan Airlines and then the 10 hour flight to Narita (Tokyo)

where it was HOT and humid

let  me introduce you to my travel companion – Mini Moose

Mini’s tee shirt has “I love Vancouver” on the front ( I couldn’t find a small one in Victoria) so she is wearing it backwards

when the needle case is unpacked we’ll change that

meanwhile Mini is relaxing and recovering from a 17 hour time change

Rogers chocolate for breakfast – yum

today it is grey and raining

we’re off to catch the train to Tokyo – see you later if we don’t get lost in the Tokyo train system

I usually travel alone, it is good to have Mini for company!

time flies

April 16, 2016

still spinning

  a serious stash of cotton fibre to spin in airports and on a long flight

I will have to think of a weaving project for the summer

any ideas?

the rhubarb is growing

and the strawberries are already blossoming

the weather was beautiful for the first day of the studio tour 

with a constant stream of visitors

thanks to everyone who made the effort 

it is always encouraging to talk with students, old friends and meet new folks.

  hoping for a sunny day tomorrow

and I think I’m finally get the hang of posting on the iPad

patience is a virtue – right?

what’s new

April 12, 2016

I’m in the news!

P1080562the local free weekly is advertising this weekend’s Studio Tour

thank you Monday Magazine

every little bit helps

writing this on my desktop – so much quicker

and I’ve come to one realization

although the quality of pictures on the iPad is surprisingly good

I will never give up my Lumix camera with its Leica lens

it is small, fits in my handĀ  and much lighter than the iPad

easy to point and shoot, travels with me everywhere and takes good quality photos

shots from the garden

P1080559the first of the Rhodos to bloom

P1080538gentian blue

P1080544amazing pattern hiding in a tulip

and using Pic Monkey http://www.picmonkey.comĀ  to edit is quick and easy

Ā  Ā Spinning my wheels

April 8, 2016

I’m back stitching the April flag

the yarn is handspan Bombyx silk dyed with rhubarb root

a very strong golden yellow – my colour of joy

the stitched circles are chemanthy embroidery that I found on

Deepa gives a very clear tutorial and it is fun to do



I am so tempted to chuck this thing and go back to Microsoft and a human size keyboard

I know there are 2 photos here but can find absolutely no way to delete one of them

can’t even figure out how to scrap the entire blog and start over

 the new PLY magazine focuses on cotton

I first heard about it from Kristin who has two articles in the magazine – she blogs at, 

the Akha spindle (in front) is one she made, it is light weight, nicely balanced and spins a very fine, even cotton

on Kjerstin has put a link to a very interesting video on textile conservation

have no idea if my link will work but you can go to Quimper Hittys

that is all for this attempt!


April 6, 2016


I would rather be weaving! 

the time wasted teaching myself new tricks is beyond mere frustration 

I’ve borrowed a son’s iPad to keep me connected
even with an instruction book the struggle seems endless

making a case from a handwoven scrap was more fun


meanwhile the homework is finished

hopefully, with practise I’ll get quicker -and better

or the posts will be few and short

how did I do?


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