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September 22, 2018

International Day of Peace

a day late – but is it ever too late for Peace?

is it ever possible in this crazy world?

from my 2016 prayer flag series

fabric origami cranes


pass it on


this and that

September 21, 2018

grrrr! the program I use to crop and edit photos

has decided to reinvent itself

it has added 3-5 extra clicks for each picture just to get it in my photo files

all of which takes more time and occasionally makes me say a naughty word or two

so –  I’ve been winding wool skeins into balls

it doesn’t take any technical skills or thinking

then winding a handspun wool and alpaca warp

to weave a cozy shawl – the temperature has definitely dropped

there’s a new warp on the tapestry loom

the white is handspun Cormo, I thought it might be too soft

but it packs down beautifully

that justifies buying more fleece to spin – right?

the black is alpaca and the blue is silk – I’m experimenting

and there are slits planned and changes in direction

the fun is in the fibre – not – computer programs

little stitches keep on going, like ripples in the sand

these gloves are a thank you gift although I didn’t do much to earn them

thank you Joanne

they are heavy-duty, 23 inches long and come up to my armpits

wow! I can almost go swimming in the indigo vat

or better yet, wear them to a Halloween costume ball – before they become blue

if anyone wants/needs a pair they came from Lee Valley Tools Ltd.

 in the garden

it is definitely Fall

the cyclamen is blooming everywhere

scrap happy September

September 14, 2018

even the thrums stash is out of control

thrums are the end of a warp that, due to the mechanics of a loom

can no longer be woven

mine are approximately 20 inches (50 cm.) long

  when you have several hundred threads in a warp the waste adds up

weavers try to find creative ways to use thrums

using a cotton warp and bundles of cotton thrums as weft

I weave pot holders or hot mats

it is slow weaving because the wefts are so short but the selvedges don’t have to be neat

the woven pieces are doubled to give a good thickness

 then finished with bias binding I make from the fabric stash

at one time in my life I worked as an interior designer and the fabric is from drapery samples

a loop on the back to hang and they are finished

the extra warp at the end was long enough to weave just one side

so I sandwiched two layers of sheeting with the bias fabric

and finished

of course, now there are more thrums!

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weaver bird

September 8, 2018

so you think you are a weaver?

look at this

working outdoors

September 7, 2018

as our summer drifts into autumn

another warp is off the loom

potholders woven with thrums as weft

they need all the ends trimmed

folded double, and edges finished with handmade bias tape

they are a lot of work, satisfying to weave and pleasant to use

many years ago a wise home economics teacher showed me how to make the tape

all these years later I still remember each of my Home Ec teachers

a small square of fabric makes an amazing amount of tape

 it can match the project and be as colourful as you need

I have been drifting along through a lazy, peaceful summer

 enjoying working outside on the new deck

the silk/Merino blend is a joy to spin

it might get dyed but is beautiful as is

 it is easy to move the pipe loom outside

starting on fringeless tapestry number 4

titled “Autumn” – the first of a four seasons series

the red footstool was a present to my parents from their staff

dated inside – 1945 –  price $10.95

I kept it for sentimental reasons and now it is just the right height

 the top is hinged so all the tools/supplies are stored out of sight

this is my view while weaving

the postman has taken to stopping whether there is mail or not just to see the progress

when bored with any of the above I have a bit of boro stitching close by

I love those tiny stitches

the hanging baskets are making a final glorious display

watering has been a daily job

but now the weather is changing



September time

September 2, 2018

Happy 17th birthday Spiderman Iain

on September 1st

and – a day at the Saanich Fair

spinning with members of the weaver’s guilds

for the Sheep to Shawl

with a fleece prepared, combed and dyed

(thank you Brenda for a great job)

at 9:00am we all started spinning the same singles weight yarn

(that’s my Journey Wheel in the foreground)

then passed it on to Sara to be plied

in half an hour there was enough plied weft for Laura to start weaving

and at 4:00pm the weaving was finished

how did she weave the overshot pattern with all the talk/questions/people

thank you to Judy – on the right- for all the organizing

without a single mistake?

time for a quick visit to the Alpacas

isn’t she adorable?

I always want to take one home

but her owner, Tracy, reminds me that they are herd animals

and you need at least 2 or 3 or 4

but my farming days are over


August 26, 2018

tapestry for August – just finished

6 x 8 inches ( 15 x 18 cm.)

linen warp – handspun, natural dyed silk and wool weft

the background at the top was woven in the same diamond shapes as the colours

 where does the inspiration come from??

a small piece woven in January was the start

I take photos of work in progress – the camera sees things the eye misses

my tapestry loom is placed so the feet are under a wicker chair

although the scale is much different when actually working

in the picture the back of the chair appears as part of the design

who am I to argue with fate?

“an empty loom

beckons me

whispering an old mantra

what’s next?

 I wait”

I went back to the book show today

and fell in love with the stitching on this spine

book by Roberta Lavadour

our weather is shifting

the blanket of smoke that settled over most of the province has lifted here

although there are still 454 active fires burning – that is down from over 600

cooler, damper days are on the way

the rose hips are the size of small tomatoes

there are still a few blooms on the hibiscus although the deer are snacking on them

and the bees are busy

guess it is time to get to work and stop sitting in the shade