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fibre fun

February 19, 2017

Saturday was the annual Spin-in

a whole day to just sit and spin, yeah!


the view from above


and time to shop


I couldn’t resist this alpaca/merino blend

from Inca Dinca Do

only the merino is dyed, it is beautifully prepared and spins like a dream

once home I spun late into the night


a day to go wild – also couldn’t resist this Icelandic/silk roving from

it is as soft as a cloud

Jane will be one of the judges at Treadle Lightly

she had lots of lovely colours but I want to see how the blend dyes


there were many different wheels to talk about


and lots and lots of talk!


p1110288time to meet new folks, greet people you haven’t seen in a while

and sit with good friends

p1110295Christine is president of the Victoria guild and Conference co-ordinator

p1110296while many spinners treadle in handspun, handknitted socks Christine has a beautiful pair of beaded moccasins

I have spun on a Bosworth Journey Wheel since 1981

and have never seen another one

until now

p1110293brand new!

p1110310announcing the door prizes – I didn’t win!

a wonderful day

thank you Judy and team

scattered thoughts

February 16, 2017

having fun

p1110265three more mini kimono

p1110264working on improving my sewing technique

I tried machine stitching a lining but they are small with several corners

it was almost as quick to hand stitch and much easier

turned right side out and stitch

my sashiko is a bit rough – and not finished yet

the boro is definitely raggy

 top left corner scrap is an indigo dyed damask napkin, I like how the dye brings out the pattern

thinking ahead to the next warp – if the tea towels ever get finished!

p1110266rags – maybe mix & match place mats for the next studio tour

the rags are too small and irregular to tear so cutting slowly

looking for inspiration I discovered this book hidden on a shelf

p1110269I ordered it some time ago

there is a lesson to be learned about ordering on-line

what was I thinking??

not my cup of tea – or glass of wine!

after weaving for 40 years, weaving is an integral part of my life

it did get me to bring out the small tapestry loom

although that might be as far as it goes

making a difference

February 11, 2017

Victoria missed the worst of winter, the snow has melted into dirty little patches

the hellebore are blooming!


” I sit beside the fire and think of all that I have seen, of meadow-flowers and butterflies in summers that have been; Of yellow leaves and gossamer in autumns that there were, with morning mist and silver sun and wind upon my hair. I sit beside the fire and think of how the world will be when winter comes without a spring that I shall never see. For still there are so many things that I have never seen: in every wood in every spring there is a different green… “

                                           J.R.R. Tolkien

p1110256with boxes of small scraps to choose from

the wardrobe of tiny kimonos is expanding

p1110261even a boro one

  in the center, shibori lining from my hanten,  dyed and stitched at Bryan’s

these will go into “the book”

 I’m planning a group to frame

and the weaving proceeds, slowly


but at this anxious time in this crazy world

I wonder what tea towels have to do with anything?

in looking for ways I can personally make a small difference

I came across this

in the top menu click on “because I am a girl”

lots of choice, pass it on

because together we CAN make a difference

weather warning

February 8, 2017

can you see Victoria?


right in the middle, at the bottom

on the southern tip of Vancouver Island

the snow has already started – again

p1110233in the back lane, not much traffic

looks like it will stay awhile

so I’ve found something to keep me busy, sitting by the fire

p1110250a miniature kimono to stitch

maybe two or three

p1110255this book has interesting sashiko projects

p1110248hope I don’t run out of bird seed

they’ll be knocking on the window!

p1110235shining a little light on things

button, button

February 3, 2017

woke up to a dusting of snow

p1110202a visitor wandered by – racoon?

a good day to hang out by the fire


I enjoyed the afternoon in a favorite childhood pastimep1110221sorting through mother’s button jar

looking for one perfect button

p1110208tiny works of art

goods ones are becoming harder to find

they’re all plastic, and I’m not interested!

p1110216-copy-2and the birds are staying close to the feeders

can you see the plum blossoms are starting to swell

Spring is on the way

but it has started to snow again!

a new month, a new page

February 1, 2017

wow! January flew by

p1110199January’s book page – titled “Snow Falling on Evergreens”

can you see the shifu paper slubs on the woven page – more snow p1110195and the beginning of February

handspun silk woven on my very old Weave-It loom

mother-of-pearl buttons and glass “jet” buttons

on a background of kakishibu dyed linen

why?  just because I like them

p1110201I started weaving squares to make more flowers for the next Studio Tour

the weaving is a bit addictive, hard to stop

 it uses up odd little balls of precious handspun

p1110193and I can’t stop spinning either

Bombyx silk spun on my IST Crafts Turkish spindle

production line

January 28, 2017

one small part of my work as conference show coordinator

is – finishing the prize ribbons

with just over one hundred total

p1110184my partner Judy and her husband set up the printing

they will print and cut the labels – a very big “thank you”

fortunately I have an excellent paper-cutter


p1110185I need to trim all the weaving ends

apply fray check to the fringe end of each ribbon

p1110187 and very carefully cut the yards of first, second and third ribbons apart

all the cardboard pieces were used during the weaving to measure the fringe between each ribbon

 together we will sandwich each ribbon between the folded labels

using double-sided tape

this is going to take longer than I planned


hopefully many of you are working on something wonderful to enter

in either the Juried Show or Open show

the deadline for entries is April 21st

that’s my birthday – make it a happy one!

all the forms are on the conference website

I am happy to answer any questions

click on “shows” on the website, click on the show you are interested in

and click on “any questions”