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busy, busy

June 22, 2017

it has been a wet Spring

the bamboo is growing at an alarming rate

cutting and sanding poles to use as hangers for display

finished and labeled for each piece

boxes and mailing tubes covered in newsprint to use for display

and a ballot box for the “People’s Choice” vote

now all I have to do is move it all to the university – June 27th

the journal pages are finished for June

the song has been going around and around in my head

and when I don’t have anything else to do…

stitching on the next boro piece is calming

Mini Moose is sorting through the stack of scraps

I’m adding the piece I stitched for the blog header

and trying to stay CALM

and remember to eat

the strawberries are almost finished



works in progress

June 17, 2017

recently I came across a big roll of uncut wool woven for a twice woven rug

I knew it was there

but had been ignoring it

for several years – can’t remember how many!

time to do something – use it or lose it

thank goodness for the big, sharp Henckels scissors

I cut it in sections, over several evenings

rolled it into balls secured with elastic bands

and finally reached the point where each length could be cut off separately

15 balls with 5 more to cut

fuzzy caterpillars

there was a design/plan for this but it seems to have gone missing!

will it be the next project or back in the cupboard?

meanwhile my assistant, Judy and I unpacked all the show entries

that was exciting (yes Sharon, I’m excited)

and in some cases, surprising

photographs don’t always show what you get

the peonies are blooming

a little gardening is a good stress reducer


time and the weather

June 12, 2017

“the best laid schemes of Mice and men aft go awry”on the first leg of the race our sailors were met with some very wild weather

the boat was damaged

and the family sailors were safely towed home by the Coast Guard

 that is the end of the race for this year

Carrie seems unfazed and has plans to try again next year – in a bigger boat

oh, to be 16 again!

on the weekend local weavers brought their conference show entries to my studio

some wonderful work

and even a ladder to hang things

 time is flying by



adventure at sea

June 6, 2017

born on the coast

quiet time, hoping to catch “the big one”

Carrie and her Dad start the first leg of their adventure today

off to Port Townsend in Washington state

to start their race to Alaska on June 8th

click on the 2017 race teams on the menue

James and Carrie are Team Chum

 you can follow them here, check out this amazing race

first stop Victoria Inner Harbour, June 9-10

then approximately three weeks of fair winds and happy sailing

fingers crossed!

father and 16-year-old daughter together on a 17 foot boat

hope they are still talking to each other when they return home

(because they still have to sail back)

Gilbert is staying home

Good Luck, guys

you will be in my heart and mind every minute of every day


loom time

June 4, 2017

everything is blooming

including the weeds – and there isn’t much time for gardening

finally found time to warp the loom

threaded 2 dark, 2 light

in the reed the dark is threaded one thread per dent

and the light is two threads together in one dent

it is difficult to see in a 20 dent reed

I made a mistake and had to re-sley – from the middle!

weave structure is still double two-tie on 10 harnesses

with only two colours in the silk warp

and all the colour changes in the handspun silk and cotton weft

all the cotton is wound into balls

and I’ve been cutting a stamp for the book pages

that’s all the creative work going on here

I seem to be in a purple mood

isn’t nature wonderful


May 31, 2017

after three days of hot, sunny weather

we are back to cool and wet

“The President” clematis is blooming

more irises

and the scent of lavender fills the damp air

I seem to have an obvious colour preference in the garden

the tea towels are hemmed

it was fun to change the weft and see the colours develop

but that is all the studio work I’ve been able to get to

in the evenings I’ve started the book pages for June

I’m not sure where it is going from here  – but time will tell

in my spare time I’m trying to wind this cotton into balls

so the cone can be used for display

not sure I’m going to make it

the conference starts on June 28

it is going to be a crazy month

I did manage to get to my favorite  pottery show

and purchased one small sake/tea cup

by Sophia Kim

she has developed a glaze that looks like birch bark

I couldn’t resist

now it is back to conference “stuff”



another birthday

May 25, 2017

Happy days, Carrie

 looking forward to a very exciting rest of the year

sweet 16!

book pages for May are finished

Japanese designs frequently use curving lines to represent water

they unite the design elements and suggest coolness in Summer patterns

now what is next?

another warp ready for the loom

black and natural silk from Sanjo Silk

the tiny ball , top right, was all that is left of the natural

living dangerously!

winding 4 threads at a time

it helps to have a horizontal warping reel

holding them between my fingers

once you get going it is quick and fairly tangle free

taking the picture with my left hand was more of a challenge.