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November 16, 2018

it’s a perfect day for a walk through Ross Bay Cemetery

it’s well maintained, has a canopy of old trees and headstones that date back to the 1800’s

many of those resting here came from lands far away

to seek their fortunes in a wild frontier

I never feel alone here

there are hundreds of stories to be told

many of the historical memorials are being refurbished

the story on the back

rest in peace Rebecca Gibbs – so far from home

I’m not the only visitor

it’s a favorite lunch stop – they eat the bouquets people leave

and at home

the crows came

stripping the mountain ash

gossiping and arguing

then just as quickly as they came, they were gone

and it was silent under the bright blue sky


Scrap Happy November

November 14, 2018

yes – the small ( 4.75″ x 5′” or 12cm. x 12.5cm.) tapestry is woven with weaver’s scraps

thrums for the weft and linen warp from an elderly weaver’s stash

not something I will do again

the thrums are short lengths which requires extra threading-in ends when finished

and limited colour selection

a variety of yarn weights makes the weaving uneven

the back with the ends stitched in and cut

the front

handspun wool and silk – all natural dyes

of course the handspun yarns add to the textured surface

and still there are leftover thrums

good for stitching

Happy recycling!

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weaving away

November 7, 2018

the studio tour went well

Saturday it poured with rain all day and there were lots of people

West coasters are used to being wet

Sunday the sun was shining and not many people – maybe they all went to the beach

sales were about half what I usually get

I managed to finish weaving 2 tea towels

now I just want to finish the warp

towel number 3 is red with a colourful border

another tapestry finished

this is the one for November

handspun wool and silk, all natural dyes

only one more to complete my commitment for one each month of 2018

what’s next? – definitely not Santa

warping Rebecca Mezoff and Sarah Swett’s Fringeless technique

requires that you have three different, connected warps

an auxiliary/temporary warp on the top and bottom of the actual warp

the white is the actual woven warp and the blue is the top temporary warp

after weaving tightly to the very top

you stitch the final row of weft through the loops of the actual warp

then take it all off – voila! you have 4 selvedges

there are some disadvantages—

it takes time to warp, you can’t make it bigger or small than the initial warp measurements

and you can’t go on and weave a second small piece

but – the edges are all finished neatly when you take it off the loom

all the lovely Merino/silk blend is spun

I’m trying not to rush out and buy more right away

another studio tour

November 2, 2018

cleaning up for the Studio Tour

wind and rain last night left a mess outside

as quickly as I swept leaves they were falling on my head

a good tidy up is required inside

have to hope it doesn’t rain!

I’ve been doing this twice a year for 10 years

sometimes wonder if it is worth it?

if you are local drop in and say “hello”

on a dark night

October 31, 2018

take time to celebrate Samhain – the winter quarter of the Celtic calendar

“I am the hollow-tide of all souls passing,

I am the bright releaser of all pain,

I am the quickener of the fallen seed-case,

I am the glance of snow, the strike of rain.

I am the hollow of the winter twilight,

I am the hearth-fire and the welcome bread,

I am the curtained awning of the pillow,

I am unending wisdom’s golden thread.”

Song of Samhain

to all spinning ghosts and goblins


wool ‘n madder – and Mini Moose

end of the month

October 27, 2018

what would I be doing with my time if I wasn’t doing … this

spinning a commercial colour blend of Merino/silk

I’ve used this blend before and really like the soft, subtle colours

can’t wait to see what it looks like in tapestry weaving

another small tapestry underway

this time using thrums for the weft

the background is a wool colour blend I dyed and spun a couple of years ago

will the random changes in colour look too busy?

putting together scraps for another boro cushion

hundreds of small stitches before it is finished

more tea towels to weave during the Studio Tour November 3-4

8 harness advancing twill – again

guess I could rake leaves or do some cleaning!

a good time to work in the studio

October 22, 2018

it’s that time of year again

another Studio Tour

Nov. 3-4  from 12:00 -4:30pm

brochures are available at Oak Bay Rec. Center –

or I will have some in my studio

after voting on Saturday – and going to the pub

a friend and I walked down to the waterfront

the setting sun made everything golden

across the Strait of Juan de Fuca

the haze blocked the view of the Olympic mountains in Washington State

the grey blob (upper left) isn’t a flying saucer

it means the gizmos in my camera are dying

and I know how much it costs to fix!

it’s only 8 years old, the electronic age just supports mass consumerism!

despite it being Oct. 20th and 6:00pm

this hardy soul was swimming – very few people swim there in mid summer

there was also a seal swimming in the kelp bed but he was camera-shy