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Scrap Happy January

January 14, 2021


happy, scrappy New Year

while tidying up the stash I came across some small pieces saved from when the grands were younger

more window hexies!

numbers 44 and 45 with two for following weeks

with two kid’s theme ones already made there will be enough for a hexie wreath

this is my favorite – the little spaceman looks like grandson, Iain, at that age

he’s all grown up now

and I’m working on my “always wanted to do” list

a Blue Boro Bear

first introduced in my blog on January 10th

an old pillow case for the foundation fabric

using the smallest scraps of indigo, some handwoven and blues – with a dash of colour

not exactly sure how the boro pieces will look when stitched together

I started with the legs

as the foot pads will be seen when teddy is sitting I decided on something bright

all the boro stitching is done with thrums

the stuffing I had from other projects

now – one more leg

a body and head, two arms and ears

then bear will need a name

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designing a new year

January 10, 2021

the new year has started slowly

what to do/make/create – a bit of a quandary?

so – spinning by the fire while I think

very fine 2 ply silk on my Bosworth Journey Wheel

while considering a new tapestry design I wanted “a light at the end of the tunnel”

but ideas have a way of changing as the design progresses

the first idea was a very dark background – too depressing

the “tunnel” frame is from a picture of a Japanese obi

in the center I wanted to weave a simplified version of the picture on the right

taken on the Victoria waterfront in December 2015

then I cut out the center and inserted a tapestry woven in January 2019

that looks good!

it is fun to choose the yarns – handspun and natural dyed

 it takes a day to sort out and tidy the storage cupboard

 is it possible to tapestry weave the frame with a hole in the middle?

what happens to the warp threads in that area? will the weaving be stable?

need to weave a small sample


in 2002 I attended a teddy bear workshop taught by Helen Thomas

Arthur was born – with a knitted sweater and toque

because he is a Canadian bear and it is cold

he lives in the studio and kids play with him during studio tours – he was lonely so I brought him inside

two great teddy bear books are

Classic Teddy bear Designs – by Estelle Ansley Worrell

How to Make Heirloom Teddy Bears – by Sue Quinn

Arthur needs a friend, so I am going to stitch him a Blue Boro Bear

I plan to stitch each boro piece separately before cutting it out

time will tell if it works but it will be fun trying

welcome 2021!

moving forward

January 4, 2021

oh wow! – a new year – a blank canvas

but first tidying up the old

looking through the small window in my front door

“My World” in 2020

it’s not quite as wobbly as the picture looks

but then the entire year was more than a little distorted

woven with handspun wool and some silk, natural dyes – 8″ x 9.5″

and now….

colour — what would the world be without it?


many of us work instinctively but practice makes it easier and more interesting

with that in mind I have decided to use my self imposed, monthly challenge

to spend the year studying colour

of course, as an art student, the emphasis was on colour theory

it was as interesting as playing scales for piano practice!

years ago I wove a colour gamp with sewing thread

(it was the easiest way to get all the colours without having to dye them)

and then a grey scale – there wasn’t as many grey sewing threads

   so – starting with the three primaries

I’ve decided to stitch another fabric book

I’ve been thinking about this challenge – even considered not doing it

not sure where it will lead me but this is a start

I decided on a book because it is possible to finish one page a month

it doesn’t need large amounts of fabric – only using the stash

some colours, like yellow, will be a problem

 stitching bojagi style – that is stitching each seam three times so there are no raw edges exposed

I thought this was a good idea as both sides of a page would be neat and tidy

but the stitched page is too light and floppy so on to plan two

looking for colours got me started on tidying up the stash

could be lost there for the entire year!

the colour wheel is from my high school days – a little the worse for wear

eleven more pages to go


going, going, gone!

December 31, 2020

on this final day of what has been a tragic year

I want to thank my family, sons, daughter-in-laws and grands

for the care and love they have shown this year

Christmas Eve

Jillian and her dad, Paul — James and eldest granddaughter, Carrie

we had the tiniest bit of snow – practically unheard of in Victoria on Christmas

Christmas dinner delivered by Paul – the chief

and it was marvellous 

including Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and cranberry sauce

and today a final addition to the Advent calendar box

Chocolate Chili Chai – the tea that was discontinued and now brought back

ordered early by Kathy and only just arrived

I wouldn’t drink it just before going to bed – it packs a punch

I feel truly blessed to have all these beings in my bubble

and to everyone who visits here, may 2021 be blessed with family, friends, good health

and a return to a “new normal”

virtual hugs to each and everyone

Christmas 2020

December 25, 2020

a Christmas like no other – one we will never forget

Blessings to you all – Peace – Love – Good Health

day 24 was chocolate and 25 – Kathie’s beautiful, framed paper cut snowflake

look at all the layers, I don’t know how she does this

the family gave me a new ipad

being older and slower than the grandchildren it will take some time to become proficient

I may disappear for a week – or two!

Merry Christmas to all and a Healthier New Year

only two more days

December 23, 2020

where did the time go?

days 21, 22 and 23

a sweet little tin of magnetic bookmarks

“if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”  – Cicero

5 different spice packages for each of three recipe cards

 they smell heavenly!

day 23, another bottle of local beer – “Dunkel” special edition from Whistler Brewing Co.

and James dropped off another stollen

think I’ll have beer and stollen for Christmas breakfast – why not start a new tradition!

the curry can wait for another day

 my neighbor left a bag of lichen (for dyeing) and a bag of Chaga tea

if you are like me and never heard of it check out their website, the pictures of the Northern wilderness are beautiful

it also grows on Vancouver Island- my hairdresser’s father harvests it on the north island

is it a fungus or a mushroom?

some is simmering on the stove now

she said she thought of me because I love mushrooms – and lichen

love the slogan ” Be Wild, Buy Wild”

P.S. I intended to add this link

the package is beautifully presented, the recipes well researched and look delicious

 according to daughter-in-law they are a local family – would make a marvelous gift


gingerbread and chocolate

December 20, 2020

days 17, 18, 19 and 20

day 17 – I have always cooked/baked from scratch so never used a package before

but this was quick, easy and FUN with little to no clean up

wow, icing in squeezy tubes and candies for buttons and eyes

even made guys and gals

I wondered if they would be eatable but I’ve enjoyed one each day with afternoon tea

(trying to maintain some sense of normal)

those two cookie cutters are from my childhood – at least 70 years old

when I helped my Mom make several dozen assorted cookies from scratch

day 18 is a cute handwarmer you can reheat, good for when the snow comes

ever since Kathy delivered the box there has been a soft, sweet scent in the kitchen

now I know what it is – a bar of Lush soap – day 19 – and 20 is dark chocolate

the days are going by so quickly

today I did my once every two weeks grocery shopping

even at 8:30am on a Sunday morning it was a bit crazy

 I survived but they are out of my hot breakfast cereal, have been for a month!



finishing the year

December 19, 2020

wool – all the colours from a year of natural dyeing

45″ x 45″

the colours are good – I took the picture outside in the rain!

my plan for the yarn changed from when I started back in January 2020 (remember then?)

I started with a fine 2 ply commercial wool and then decided to switch to handspun

the commercial yarn was too fine to weave the squares – but I wanted to use all the colours

so I crocheted a border with it doubled and then finished with handspun, dyed with purple hollyhocks

not much wool is left

for once I kept reasonably good notes – cotton, wool and silk

just in case I want to do it all over again

and I can choose the colour to dye the nubby silk

fine 2 ply, the texture is great – the first 60 grams of 300 grams

it is going to take some time to finish

the big news today – I finally got my regular flu shot!


Christmas is coming

December 16, 2020


days 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16

humm – did they figure out that I like chocolate?

Chocolate covered almonds and chocolate covered figs (never heard of they before) – they’re good

bamboo spoon and hashi  – how do they know, when I’m home alone, I always eat with chopsticks?

2 pairs of soft, warm socks – need to roll up my pants to show off the fancy ones

a linen tea towel – made in Canada

the birds are cute – thinking of using them as an embroidery/stitch pattern

sending a picture to granddaughter Jill – she taught herself to embroider from online instructions this year

she sent me a picture from her cell phone

I’m delighted that one of the grands is taking an interest in any form of textiles

and granddaughter Carrie and her dad were over in the night

secretly decorating the yew trees in my front yard

it’s getting to look a lot like Christmas

Scrap Happy December

December 14, 2020

here we are – at the end of the year we will never forget

“making” is the only thing that has kept me sane

I first wrote about Korean pincushions here stars

once I’d made the first one I just couldn’t stop

you know the feeling!

the instructions came in PDF form from Youngmin Lee

it was really nice to meet her online and she was very helpful

they don’t take a lot of fabric but need to be firmly stuffed

you can mix and match fabrics for lots of fun

the instructions don’t suggest using English paper piecing (not traditional in Korea)

but I found it very helpful

this fabric is a small piece I’ve been saving since being gifted it in Japan

it is woven with horse hair on a silk warp

the black, bottom section is from an old pair of woolen pants


next, I’d been saving this silk ( bottom dark piece) of Bryan’s

it is handwoven with his hand raised, reeled silk dyed with kakishibu

the top piece is my handwoven silk shibori

both fabrics proved to be difficult to work with

my shibori was too soft and didn’t hold the shape very well

Bryan’s fabric is so tightly woven and stiff it was also difficult to shape

the blue one  – (top in picture) was the first and currently in use

the blue one below it was made from designer fabric scraps – quick and  easy to make

the little fabric knot in the center is a traditional ” bakjwi” or bat figure and symbolizes wishes for

good luck, happiness, health, prosperity and joy

all of which the world could use in abundance this coming new year

oh! and the hexie in the top picture is for Monday’s window – number 42

I’m getting hexie fatigue

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