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Scrap Happy July

July 14, 2018

there are too many projects on the go

and the garden needs watering and weeding

the house needs cleaning

and I need to go food shopping – or I’ll soon be eating my earthquake emergency supplies

but I spend my time weaving and stitching

this small bag took a week of evenings to do the boro stitching using thrums

it is lined with a shibori dyed scrap

thrums are used to make the twisted carrying strap and zipper pull

the zipper came from an old recycled jacket

the top and bottom are stitched to form a triangle

from the back you can see how it folds flat when empty

I also make them from small pieces of handwoven fabric

lined with drapery fabric samples

they make great gifts or gift packaging

have a look at what others are doing with scraps

Kate co-ordinates the scrap happy blogs

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July 12, 2018

getting all the necessary pipe at the plumber’s supply store took 15 minutes

pleasant and efficient

  several of the tradesmen were surprised to learn you could build a loom (what’s that?) from pipe

and it only took 30 minutes to assemble!

overall it is 54″ high – you need the extra length for the temporary, secondary warp

overall weaving width is approx. 10″

by changing the length of pipe the width can be increased

I’m to impatient to wait for a son the drill pieces for the jig ( don’t have a big enough drill bit)

I choose an alternative method

and hung two table loom bars from the top & bottom of the frame

it is a bit fussy to get exactly the correct measurements so will wait for a proper jig next time

the weaving warp is wound between the two steel bars

the loom has received a seal of approval

now to do my own warping…

meanwhile the builders have finished the front deck

it gets the afternoon/evening sun – I’ve been spinning out there

when the temperatures cool down I can replant the garden

the guys really got creative with the gate, a Japanese theme

they used bamboo for the deck railings and repeated them in the gate

I cut and trimmed the gate bamboo from my patch of black bamboo in the back yard

hopefully that will deter the deer

of course they can crawl under the cedar hedge – I’ve seen them do it!


how old??

July 10, 2018


just a few more candles on today’s cake

here’s to many more!

and still playing with planes

lots of love


news of the day

July 9, 2018

decision made – today I signed up for the online tapestry course “Fringeless”

with Rebecca Mezoff and Sarah Swett

take a look –  both their blogs are beautiful, creative and fun

and you can still get in on an introductory price

so-o my little loom isn’t up to the challenge

and it has my unfinished tapestry for July slowly sailing alongthe course comes with instructions on how to build a pipe loom

a trip to the hardware store with my shopping list resulted in total confusion

they were busy and although I offered to come back tomorrow

they insisted in helping me and three others at the same time

this is it so far

I came home without 6 x 12″ threaded pipes which are the main parts

 I can’t remember if they didn’t have them and they are on order or they were overlooked

back tomorrow

 they couldn’t supply 2 x 24″ pipe which I need to get at the plumbing supply store

why didn’t I go there first? – more expensive

I started off really excited – still am about the class

but totally frustrated – picture of finished loom in next installment (maybe)

carrying on

July 6, 2018

nature’s colours

the hollyhocks have self seeded over the years

dark purple blossoms are good to dye with

the yellow yarrow will go into the dye pot as well

despite their strong colour I’ve never had any luck dyeing with day lilies

the neighbourhood squirrels plant walnuts, they grow quickly into big, unwanted trees

cutting them down and using the bark for dye takes time and energy

stripping the bark is quick and easy

it will soak in the sun all summer

finally the weaving has started

the main weft is a handspun, silk/bamboo blend

the end borders on the shawl repeat the colour shading in an increasing/decreasing pattern

an 8 harness advancing twill threading

off to the garden recycle


summer work

July 4, 2018

spinning Cormo fleece for the first time

it is beautiful – very clean, white-white, soft and spongy

Cormo is a breed of sheep developed in Tasmania by crossing Corriedale rams and Merino ewes

it was soaked it in hot water, dried and hand carded

warping the loom has taken longer than planned

finally progress

tied on

on the back beam, I’m pleased with the colour blending

the boro stitching is finished

and made into a small zipper bag for my Scrap Happy entry on the 15th

O Canada

July 1, 2018

all dressed up to celebrate

Mini Moose is here to wish everyone

a very Happy Canada Day

peace, love and respect to all