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ready or not

April 18, 2015

it’s Studio Tour weekendP1060722and it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood

P1060728drop by and say hello

spring 076

seeing blue

April 13, 2015

weaving is progressing slowly

the Studio Tour is Saturday and Sunday so there will be lots of warp left to weave

the first towel is finished

the thick weft in the second towel is my handspun cotton plyed with 20/1 linen, which is also the thin weft

the handspun was the reason for weaving bath towels and it is weaving nicelyP1060677

still struggling with my income tax

half the day is spent avoiding the issue – mostly in the garden

but today it’s raining

so weaving was the distraction

P1060674the warp is threaded 2 thick ends and 2 thin ends – which are not always the same colour

it could be the inspiration for some plain weave stripes

P1060678what colour is robin’s egg blue?

 P1060681evenings are spent kantha stitching

now it’s back to warming up the calculator and sharpening pencils!!


April 10, 2015

the final class was very intense

everyone had finished their project – a log cabin scarf

P1060653now comes the revealing moment

P1060654cutting it off the loom

Kelly was weaving on her own loom, she could have taken it home to weave a few more samples

after seeing the others cut their work off she couldn’t wait

P1060667she had a great time sampling and already has plans for a baby blanket

P1060657oh oh! now it’s too late to change your mind

P1060661sampling is fun on a dark/light warp and just a plain weave threading

Helen has already put a sample warp on her floor loom at home

P1060656Tanja has lots to think about

P1060662she has already borrowed the bobbin winder to get started at home

P1060666everyone’s colours were similar

Tanja’s purple and soft celery green are a nice contrast for the log cabin pattern

the lighting just wouldn’t show the green

this was a hard-working class, great enthusiasm with 3 new weavers

I enjoyed it as much as the students.

tip toe through the tulips

April 7, 2015

the tulips are blooming – so far the roaming deer haven’t invaded my garden

tulips are one of their favorites

P1060632mine, too

P1060638digging in the garden – the robins are behind me

P1060641looking for a tasty worm

P1060647it is very comforting to spin by the fire on cold winter evenings

but, there is no longer a need for a fire

so the spinning has slowed down

P1060650and it is back to the stitching

one of my students has nifty little LED lights on her loom

so I went off to the hardware store to buy some for my loom


but I’m not the greatest home handy-woman

they’re not the same size – and way too long

but they came with hooks and ties and screws – very handy

except I didn’t want to drill holes in my loom, and the ties weren’t long enough

P1060652so I tied them on with cotton rug warp – works fine

they reach around the front of the loom and then around the back

with approx. 3 feet extra

now my loom looks like a Christmas tree

not exactly what I was hoping for

but the extra light is good

should I take them back? they won’t roll up neatly and fit back into the box

maybe I should buy a wider loom?

oh, gee whiz!

winding on

April 1, 2015

the warp is cotton and linen

two different weights and as you can see, several colours

P1060626the blocks vary in size and I deliberately rotate the colours

the red appears only in every other block repeat

it has taken too much time – to wind the warp, to thread and to get to the weaving

not hours – DAYS!

with several small mistakes that needed correcting

it has been frustrating

P1060629I really like how the colours mix

and it has a nice texture for towels

the same 10 harness double two-tie structure as the previous tea towels

P1060630the weft is a commercial boucle that was dyed with indigo

possibly not 100% cotton as the two yarns took the dye differently

now I have to weave slowly as there won’t be time to put another warp on before the Studio Tour

I’ll just dig weeds between rain showers

P1060616you can almost stand and watch the rhododendron flowers open

P1060623the bay tree is covered in blooms


March 27, 2015

it has been a busy month

but my very old T.V. is acting up and it is amazing how much a person can accomplish

P1060605a month’s worth of spinning

 cotton I’m planning for the next weft

Romney dyed purple/black – it is so dark that it has been difficult to spin at night

on my favorite Turkish spindle some very nice cotton

and 12 oz. of soft 2 ply wool that I almost buried in the compost pile

P1060599three 2 1/2 pound cones of wool

passed on by a guild member

this is VERY fine, maybe 60/2 – I’d need two lifetimes to weave it all

and it has some moth damage which could cause a “little” problem


so here is the plan – a challenge to my students

using at least one colour and hopefully two or all three

choosing your own weave structure, weave something??

and make samples for everyone who chooses to participate

P1060600a new (to me) fibre magazine PLY 

(with samples of the wool)

this is the fourth issue and focuses on silk

it has good, in-depth articles well written and researched

P1060604I’ll be looking for future issues

P1060606threading the loom is progressing – slowly

P1060607and the studio tour is approaching quickly – too quickly

meanwhile the bugs are busy

P1060609 the garden is calling

P1060612and everything is growing


textiles to truly dye for

March 20, 2015

the ultimate in textiles


Charlotte Kwan, owner of Maiwa Handprints was the guest speaker at the Victoria guild last night

P1060576it is impossible to show you the amazing selection of textiles she brought from her private collection

and we were allowed to touch!


kasuri (ikat) is what I studied and wove at Kawashima for 6 months

it is highly underrated in the textile world

and takes years to become proficient and weave fine, intricate patterns like the one above

P1060596this is a kimono jacket I wove at Kawashima

silk weft kasuri, each individual weft thread is shifted in the open shed to create the pattern

the silk weft was spun from dyed cocoons

P1060585the picture doesn’t do this piece justice with its unwoven spaces and floating wefts

years ago I saw a similar piece from Charlotte’s collection and wove this piece


woven warp kasuri, dyed with indigo

the weft is paper (shifu)

hanging behind it is another piece of indigo dyed woven kasuri

P1060586incredible silk

P1060579tied, dyed with the ties removed, then each row stitched in place


stitching that Maiwa has done in India and then made into small bags


underneath is a jacket from Northern China

dyed an amazing dark indigo, coated with egg whites and beaten to give it the shine

similar to those in two of my favorite textile books


Textiles: The Soul of India by Hiroko Iwatate


Imprints on Cloth by Sadae and Tomoko Torimaru

(I think these books are still available at Maiwa)P1060583

a skirt from China

dyed with indigo, tightly pleated and coated with pig’s blood

P1060581shi sha mirrors stitched between the stitched patterns

technique, colour, pattern and above all talent

it is like taking a trip to another world


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