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sewing small handwovens

February 6, 2016

the April Studio Tour is one week before I fly to Japan

time to start preparing

P1080264the first rag bag is finished

below it is the second bag half done

waiting for the top piece to be woven

P1080279the body of the bag is sewn from two narrow pieces

the top is the same narrow loom width, folded in half lengthwise

the handles are stitched into the seam and up to the top

P1080281difficult to photograph

the design takes longer to weave and sew

but it makes a strong, functional bag that I enjoy using

and like to sell

P1080270 woven pieces  12″ X 8″ (30.5 X 20.25 cm.) make small zipper bags

handy for jewelry, cosmetics, bits and pieces

P1080273two more ready to finish when I get zippers

they are good for gifts and use up ends of handwoven fabric

interior design samples made very nice linings

P1080274all the small scraps go into my sample book (shimacho)

now I’m off to buy zippers

next week, more small things

fresh beginnings

February 1, 2016

Mary Oliver wrote…..

“it is a serious thing, just to be alive, on this fresh morning, in this broken world.”


  a fresh, new month, with an extra day

may it be a good one

this is how January ended

a second warp to finish the rag bags turned into a disaster

not sure where my head was when I worked out the numbers

but the warp length was half what was needed

as the weaving progressed I finally realized the mistake


and cut out the second colour rather than un-weaving

no! – I didn’t cut any warp threads

dornik twill was the threading – but it doesn’t look like it

February’s prayer flag is something from the “never finished” cupboard

is that cheating?


woven, dyed and stitched

silk wings  – and other things


ta dah!

January 27, 2016

time to start Spring house cleaning

P1080230there is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction – or just plain relief


when a project is finally finished

there was only 6 inches of binding left over, warping it a little too close

boxes and bags are filled with leftover woven pieces

that is how/why these pieced and stitched works get started

but the pile never seems to decrease!

P1080243the rag weaving is off the loom, three different weft colours

 I am floating on cloud nine – no dust here

news from the 2017 ANWG Conference  

 Velma Bolyard of  Wake Robin

 will be coming west to teach – we get to meet in person

yeah! – already excited

Bryan Whitehead from  Japanese Textile Workshops  will be teaching as well

what a party that will be!

as soon as paperwork is finished and contracts are signed the complete workshop instructor list will be available on the website

hope to see many blog friends next year.


January 24, 2016

the humming birds are humming

the snowdrops are blooming

P1080195if you tip them up they are hiding their pretty inner selves

nature studies 011“January” is finished early

“Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul

and sings the tune, without the words

and never stops at all.”

          Emily Dickinson   


the circles of life, paths to follow, questions seeking answers

new growth, patterns, texture and colour

P1080235and Arachne is minding the web

February is a month to finish long neglected projects

P1080228 walk on the beach

P1080222or sit and watch the world go by.

January blues

January 20, 2016

hello out there

it seems like many people in blog land have slowed down

and in some cases disappeared

I’m feeling a bit of the January blues myself


maybe that is why the question mark took on a life of its own

P1080214using handspun thrums the stitching added some colour to an otherwise grey month

meanwhile, at the loomP1080207sakiori (rag weave)  workbags

the weaving will be on two warps with the body of the bag in rags and the top in plain weave

P1080202log cabin again, similar to the cushions woven last year

no fear of running out of rags

the coverlet is close to completion

P1080215  binding is hand sewn on two sides

the printed fabric backing was just barely large enough

 now it is being used in a way that saves it from the scissors

P1080218blogging takes time

as most of you know, handmade is labour intensive and s-l-o-w

photographing textiles is not easy

 the light at this time of year can be grey and uninspiring

I am constantly thinking about what to write next

and then there are technical/computer issues

WordPress is “messing around” with format – again!

but onesmallstitch carries on

and January will soon be behind us!


January 14, 2016

6 yards of 4 inch wide binding


takes almost as long to weave as something 24 inches wide

there are the same number of weft shots

it will be hand stitched with red thread

the log cabin pattern worked up nicely


this January piece is stitched on a very closely woven cotton napkin

backed by old sheeting

it has proven difficult to stitch


the white on white kantha stitching makes a textured border


finding my way in a new year with many unforseen questions

 was a fortuitous start

I never make resolutions or choose a single word/idea to see me through the year

new opportunities generally present themselves

and an unexpected surprise just came my way

Bryan at Japanese Textile Workshops is starting a new, 2 week workshop, in April

you guessed it – I’m going

it’s crazy, the Canadian dollar is crashing

but I’m getting too old to wait for the world to sort itself out

if I have to live on rice and potatoes for the remainder of my years

so be it!

one stitch at a time

January 9, 2016

our weather swings back and forth from grey, rainy and warmish

P1080164to clear, sunny and cold

across the Strait, Mount Baker is showing off

I spend the evenings beside the fire

P1080177giving spinning a rest, starting a new stitching project

I thought about doing a different piece for each month

prayer flags maybe?

but that is rather ambitious when everything is stitched by hand

Tilleke Schwarz does the most creative, inspiring story telling in stitches

in her book New Potatoes she writes “I include everything that moves, amazes or intrigues me”

simply delightful

labyrinths intrigue me


what better way to start a new year than finding one’s way


with a quote from Emily Dickinson

and lots of kantha stitches done with silk thrums


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