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looks a little like – winter!

December 6, 2016

so this is winter

p1100966we don’t always get snow

and when we do it doesn’t always stay very long

so last night when we got snow on top of  hail

I rushed out to take a picture

p1100970overnight it froze

in the morning, no soft fluffy snow

sheets of solid ice that had to be chipped off the paths

p1100972with one brave little periwinkle peeking out

good day to finally get the silk weaving

p1100975the light is not good for taking pictures

p1100976 snow flakes inside too !

p1100983and over the neighborhood rooftops a promise of a fine tomorrow

conference news

December 2, 2016

first, a notice!

news on the Treadle Lightly Conference website

the workshops, classes and seminars are listed

along with instructor’s bios

and shows, events and the market hall

go to –

the weather is grey, very wet and altogether gloomy

not a good time to dye

p1100951all the silk lining fabric wouldn’t fit on the pole

so I cut off enough for the sleeve linings, folded and clamped itp1100949not very happy but inside the sleeves it will never be seen

p1100950the arashi shibori is o.k. but nothing exciting

and it was too long for the dye pot so I had to continually pour dye over the last bit

logwood and lac for the dyes

lesson learned!

p1100954now i have no excuse not to get on with sewing the hanten

starting with the sleeves – the easiest part

now I’m off to continue threading the loom

silk and paper

November 30, 2016

designing the warp

p1100944the yarns are slightly different – some reeled and some spun

there is 2 ply and singles

and that pretty natural crepe with nubbles

 turned out to be a major problem

p1100939it took several hours to measure the warp

using a big, old horizontal warping reel (I love it!)

p1100947winding onto the back beam is going very slowly

the crepe yarn has broken several times

too late to change it now – oh, the joys of weaving!

p1100940cutting more paper

I cut 2 – 1/2 sheets at a time, 3 mm. wide

p1100941using the tape as a guide and a T-square stainless steel ruler

to keep all the cuts even

p1100945next it gets wrapped in a damp towel and left overnight

nothing happens in a hurry!

slow and steady

November 24, 2016

winding all that fine silk into ballsp1100934it took a full day and a half – with overtime

you just wind and wind and think and take lots of tea breaks

p1100933each ball took more than an hour to wind

some of the yarns were quite tangled from the dyeing process

p1100927as they are very fine there is a lot of yardagep1100926but finally!

and I realize why they have all been resting in the cupboard

I really didn’t want to do the winding

not all of the colours will be used in the next project

but at least now they are all ready to use

p1100928this is the crepe one with over-twisted bumps – like little pearls

now to wind the warp!


November 22, 2016

finishedp1100912washed, pressed and hemmed

p1100915the log cabin squares worked well

thinking of how to use the idea in other ways

it looks like woven ribbons – maybe more than 2 colours?

p1100922spinning paper – kami ito

8 more full sheets of shiraku kozo, each of the spun balls is only half a sheet

7 sheets of very thin paper I received as a gift in Japan

 after finishing practising on the heavier kozo I’ll feel more confidant to work with it

this is a spinning project for all winter – it is so time intensive!

if you added up the hours it would be the most valuable yarn I can think of

p1100916trying to dye the chirimen silk to use as a lining in the woven hanten

it is slow going tying onto a pole for arashi shibori

not sure it will all go on the pole and then the dye pot is not deep enough

(the big indigo vat is hibernating for the winter)

so it will have to be dyed from both ends – that could be messy!

p1100920trying to design the next warp

on the left is a crepe silk yarn

the coloured silk is all hand-reeled from Bryan in Japan

approximately 60/2 weight – what am I planning??

any ideas are welcome

don’t want to make a mistake, the weft will be the handspun silk I’ve just finished

decisions, decisions

autumn leaves

November 16, 2016

3 3/4 oz. of spindle spun silk

p1100891added to the stash

p1100904now, what to weave??

p1100900starting to prepare and spin kami ito – paper thread

a sprinkle of black beans on the torn paper strips

prevents them from tangling while being spun

p1100909the cut paper is placed in a damp towel overnight

then rolled on a rough surface to soften the paper and start the spin

 spun on a drop spindle

p1100907then added to a different stash

p1100897the prayer flag is almost finished

on a handwoven linen background

with kakishibu dyed weft threads

the bottom border and small leaves are also dyed with kaki

I’m living with it for a few days to see if it needs anything added

from a slow start it came together quickly

influenced by all the leaves I had to rake

I wanted to portray the Autumn of life

the process of returning to the dust from which all things come

p1100899the bright colours seem to be a little too cheerful

 ” nothing, including ourselves and this moment, remains unchanged.”

time marches on


November 11, 2016

“there is a crack in everything”

p1100881“the signs were sent”

every word a reality