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a breath of fresh air

April 20, 2017

I’m tearing my hair out

and that is not a pretty sight

tomorrow is the final day for entries in the Juried and Open Shows

can’t believe the number of people who left it until the last-minute!!

when I need a break I run out and pull some weeds

it is very satisfying

tulip time

no wonder the bulbs were worth a fortune look inside, they are tiny gems

breath-taking works of art

the ferns are unfurling

a mystery leaf, I’ve never seen it before

what is it?

now back to the paperwork

Happy Easter

April 16, 2017


the lawns are mowed

the front is easy – I dug most of it up

the back is mostly a dandelion pasture

the weaving is on the loom

the colours are not my usual choice

but it is definitely using up all those odd bits in the stash

and I can use a different weft colour for each towel

purple?  orange? – not my favorite

back to serious stuff

the deadline for entering items in the Open Show and Juried Show

is fast approaching – April 21st

I have to say I’m disappointed in the response

so – folks, if you have been thinking about entering something

the time is NOW

 tell your friends and guild members

and here is a textile fanatic’s  Easter treat

click on “Core Kyoto – OBI: Unbridled Beauty in a Knot”

loose threads

April 14, 2017

finished sakiori

17 placemats, 4 sets of 4 with an extra one at the end of the warp

the next warp?

double two-tie unit weave on 10 harnesses

with two weights of yarn

what was I thinking?

tea towels using up small quantities from the stash

a towel for the conference exchange

it seemed like a good idea at the time


this is not quick

seen from the back beam

 it needs to be happily weaving for the studio tour

and there is endless paperwork for the conference shows

the lawns need to be mowedlooks like I should be making dandelion wine

or what about a goat?

the chequered lilies – Fritillaria meleagris – are slowly spreading

the pattern is one of nature’s small miracles

and the lady’s mantle – Alchemilla mollis – collects morning raindrops

now it’s back to threading the loom

finished and starting again

April 9, 2017

Florence and Sue finished their log cabin scarves

the studio gets a little messy towards the end

Sue was concerned that she hadn’t measured correctly

yeah! she was right to the very inch

and had time to do some sampling at the end

I finally finished weaving the rag placemats

now they need to be trimmed, washed and hemmed

and I need to get a warp on the loom for the studio tour

tea towels for the conference tea towel exchange

using up small cones and bobbins

in the spirit of the conference

recycle, reduce, repurpose, reuse


my mother’s favorite phrase

waste not, want not!

Spring has sprung

April 4, 2017

busy, busy

with not much to show for it

hours of weeding, and an aching back

have to attack before the ground dries up and I can’t even get a shovel in it

yesterday was a perfect Spring day

I love the smell of laundry dried in the sun

dandelions are beautiful when you look at just one – up close

they are called tampopo in Japanese – did you see the movie?

every day there is something new in bloom

lovely soft colours

back to work, still weaving rag placemats

it always takes more rags than I expect

mainly using indigo dyed sheets and old futon covers

it they run out I’ll have to raid my closet

it is Studio Tour time again

I was hoping to have a new warp on!

end of the month

March 29, 2017

marching on…a boro pocket inside the hanten

every lady needs a hankie

the hankie was my introduction to shibori

at Kawashima in 1987 – how skills have changed!

the book page for March

 white stitches are worked with paper thread

Velma taught me that you could stitch with kami-ito

what’s next?indigo yukata

and April showers

I’m singing

March 25, 2017

the sun is shining

the birds are singing

the neighborhood is waking up

the old Japanese plum is celebrating

and my students brought me pink tulips

Spring is in the air

the hanten is finished

I still can’t believe there was exactly enough fabric

to match the “summer and winter” pattern on the back seam

only a handful of scraps left

the woven shibori is linen, the “summer and winter” is cotton and a cotton/hemp blend

dyed with natural indigo and madder

the star shibori will have to wait for another project

there was enough of this striped shibori to use on the back and fronts

with an indigo dyed piece of damask tablecloth to make up the length

there was even enough of the collar shibori

to make cuffs – with a little patching

and that handful of scraps?

they will become a pocket on the inside

finished before the deadline!