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let’s celebrate

May 21, 2017

Happy Birthday

Jillian – 13 on the 20th

and Dad – 52 on the 21st

and Queen Victoria on the 24th

in Canada it is a much-loved holiday

read the history behind it and why it is celebrated in Canada but not the U.K.

the camus is blooming in Beacon Hill Park

Victoria residents see it as a sure sign of Spring

the peacocks are strutting their stuff

no wonder mother duck is having a snooze

how would you like to keep track of nine busy ducklings?and the turtles are basking in the sun

at home, the iris are blooming


a parcel from Japan

with materials for Bryan’s workshopI collected stamps as a child – are there any kids who still do that?

click to see Snoopy doing the happy dance

delivering the mail

or typing a letter

there is not much weaving being done here.


May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day

the sun is shining

the birds are singing

and all is perfect in paradise

the tea towels are off the loom

washed, pressed and ready for hemming

look at all the empty cones – the stash is happy, too

  it was fun to weave  a colour study on the end of the warp

as I wove I was thinking about the next project

the same weave structure – with a variation

thick and thin warp of black and natural silk

from Sanjo Silk

the weft – handspun cotton in natural colours

and handspun tussah silk for the fine thread

taking a chance experimenting with all that handspun

keeping my fingers crossed that it works

wish you could smell the lily-of-the-valley

be responsible

May 9, 2017

to vote is a privilege

and a responsibility

many people around the world don’t have that right

you do – in B.C., today

make your mark

the colour orange

May 8, 2017

Conference work is endless

once again my computer skills have been tested

far beyond my comfort zone

there is no possibility of growing old gracefully!

at the front door, the bluebells are blooming

the rhubarb is enormous

it is going to keep me busy giving it away

and there is orange on the loom

towel #5

I just couldn’t weave an entire towel with the paintbox orange

it made my head hurt

so I settled on a cotton/hemp blend

dyed, years ago, with homegrown madder

with a border of the strong colour

towel #6

with a peacock weft

what a difference a weft makes!

a new month

May 2, 2017

and new challenges

it is still raining

this month’s pages for the book

are celebrating May flowers – after a record month of April rain!

 using the stamps I cut I applied Setacolor transparent textile dyes/paints

set with a hot iron

then started stitching with handspun silk thrums

weft on this page is handspun cotton

it is soft and much easier to stitch on than the paper

number 4 tea towel

using a black weft – the weft colour can make a big difference

orange next?

and while weaving I thinking about what to weave next

do all weavers do that?

this is my stash of handspun, singles cotton

it needs to be used as weft

it takes a long time to spin fine cotton

and I want to weave something special

but WHAT?

month end

April 29, 2017

a cool Spring means the tulips bloom for a long time

daughter-in-law Kathy gave me bulbs last Fall

they were developed to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday, this year

late bloomers

I can’t resist their internal beauty

planning to plant more this Fall

in the studio tea towels are progressing slowly

#2 – a plum weft

#3 – a raspberry weft

I’m avoiding the obvious orange, not my favorite colour

the single red thread is my cutting line

spinning natural coloured cotton in the evenings

the fibre is a rather plain beige with a slightly green tinge

when finished in washing soda (alkaline) it becomes a soft, mossy green

the Daphne beside the front path is loaded with blooms

the scent is intoxicating












I’m excited

April 26, 2017

this was my wake up call at 6:00 a.m.

sorry for the picture quality but they weren’t hanging around to pose and I wasn’t opening the door

what have I been doing?

well – final date for show entries was April 21st

it was also my birthday

over 25% of all entries came in on the last 2 days

with associated problems and questions

the final two were received at 11:00 and 11:10 P.M.

then there has been a couple of days of sorting out the paperwork

one of our committee members told us that in order to keep going and be happy

we needed to repeatedly tell ourselves “I’m excited”


as it is almost the end of the month here are April’s book pages

the weft on the right page is pale indigo dyed paper

it was difficult to stitch small letters

next month the weft is handspun cotton

and the theme is May flowers, I’ve cut three simple stamps to get started

and now I’m excited to go back to conference paperwork!