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more of the same

January 26, 2018

finished – washed, pressed and hemmed

the little towel on the left is the end of the warp

good for a kitchen hand towel

weaving the colours brightened up a grey January

Spring is on the way

look inside the snowdrops and see their hidden beauty

rain has splashed them with muddy spots

a new tapestry is started

I’ve started cataloguing all the handspun, natural dyed tapestry weight yarn

when I start dyeing it will be easy to know which colours are needed

have a good weekend – stay warm, dry and out of the wind




more of everything

January 22, 2018

January is always an in-between month for me

like a long hangover from all the holiday celebrations/expectations

and then new year’s resolutions – which I’ve never made!

I’m goal orientated, it’s what keeps me going

I make and remake them throughout the year

and the weather is difficult – here it is generally wet, windy and grey

not very inspiring

another tea towel finished – orange to brighten up the mornings

February tapestry is finished – I know I’m ahead of the game

and the warp is ready for the next!

 I’m becoming just a little bit obsessed

the bottom is my first attempt at wedge weave – I love it

typical of the technique are edges that flare out

Navajo weavers used this technique in their rugs

changing to straight tapestry, I’m working on weaving shapes from a cartoon

like the star – I find this the most difficult part of tapestry weaving

more colours are needed in tapestry weight

spinning Merino/silk blend to dye in natural colours

looking forward to February


a little bit of everything

January 15, 2018

the tea towels are weaving quickly – each one different

that’s good but what’s the rush?

playing with colour

the main colour is “plum” -a dark reddish purple

and of course, blue and white

not sure what is next – the stash is getting low on colour choices

as the yarn stash didn’t have the red required in the tapestry

I spun a small skein

while at the shop I couldn’t resist this blend of Merino and silk

but when spun was rather beige and boring

last year’s book needs a safe place to rest

so I’m attempting to make a book box

after careful calculations the book board is cut

instructions in “Japanese Book-Binding – Instructions from a Master Craftsman ” are very precise

I’m starting with the simplest design – on the left

unfortunately it requires two bone clasps or kohaze

which are glued into the cover while putting it all together

after a search on google the only ones I could find are at Talas Bookbinding Supplies

maybe I will try carving wooden ones

or I could go down to Victoria’s Chinatown,  buy a little box and use the clasps on it?

I’ll cover the bookboard with old Japanese kimono silk

that should keep me busy


staying dry

January 11, 2018

it is sooo wet, grey and gloomy

I feel like crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head


at least it isn’t snow


the little tapestry for January is finished

first, all the ends have to be stitched in

then cover an art frame with the handwoven fabric

a curved, book binding needle was helpful to stitch it on the canvas

and the star is recognizable!

the weft yarns are all handspun

now I’m experimenting with spinning specifically for tapestry

and the next lot of tea towels are started

impossible to get good colour in this light

a wider border on the other end

and the rain has stopped – at least for a little while



carrying on

January 6, 2018

what to weave?

that is the question

when you’ve been weaving as much as I do for almost 40 years

the greatest challenge is remaining enthusiastic and motivated

I don’t need anything – believe me, the cupboards and drawers are full

and, with the possible exception of one or two people, I think I’ve worn out the gift giving

and still the NEED to weave persists!

where to start?

yarns/fibre –  a new/different weave structure –  something practical or arty???

hours/days by the fire with several pots of tea and an abundance of weaving books

the Handwoven magazines go back to 1980

did you notice the price tag – $4.50

a search of the stash

decisions made

tea towels – again!

weave structure chosen – it will use up small amounts of weft yarns

there may come a time when I need to start buying yarn just to have some colour choices


two pounds of cotton 2 ply on the large cone needed to be wound into balls

 and then wound  into a warp

and so the weaving starts again

meanwhile the tapestry for January is growingusing a cartoon

weaving the Christmas tree in December

it was impossible to weave anything that remotely resembled a star

still at 8 epi but a larger image – I’m determined

the stars have traumatized me – I may never weave another

first weave, then un-weave – and repeat

off to weave tea towels!

a new year of fresh starts

January 1, 2018

best wishes to all for a


with new beginnings, new challenges

and new successes

this is my 1,000th post – a good start

the moon was bright on a crisp new year’s eve

with no snow and Victoria is, most likely, one of the warmest cities in Canada

ready to start a new challenge

the small samples are neatly finished

the weaving is off the loom

two sizes of art boards to cover for display

and I’m cautiously optimistic

there will be a return to sanity

and  some attempt to resolve our differences around the world

give Peace a chance!

live well and prosper

books and boots

December 29, 2017

Christmas morning dawned dark and snowy

nobody could remember when we last had snow for Christmas

 the excitement was very real

and knowing that it can melt rather quickly

I went out in my pj’s to get some pictures

it had all melted by the evening!

the book is finished – just in time!

I filmed a video of the pages but now can’t get it to play

the beginning

and the end

a friend, who is downsizing – like me – passed this on

a very old Japanese bobbin winder

a kiwaku or itowaku with one square bobbin (itomaki)

I just could not say no

look at those hand cut gears – and they turn like butter

so if I take in one thing I have to give up two – what goes?

but then she gave me a book

those of you who are regulars here know I don’t need more books

but I couldn’t turn this down either

and I know who I can pass it on to

such beautiful work – all hand done


and how to make a pair from caribou hide

just in case you have the materials in your stash

a wonderful surprise at the end of the year