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recycling the blues

December 4, 2014

shimacho – sample book

P1060067the covers are old, very fine linen

I love how the indigo highlights the damask pattern

P1060064I’ve stitched in extra pages for more samples – as time goes by

the end papers are from Japan

Velma’s handmade paper pages

handwoven samples and Japanese pieces

I need to take the time to make more books

it is so satisfying

P1060060 stitching is progressing – slowly

all the pieces of the top layer are stitched onto the backing

there are small areas where the orange futon cover fabric is exposed

the brown pieces are dyed with kakishibu

overall it measures 33″ x 40′

P1060069now there is a whole lot of stitching left to do

P1060063at the loom I’m weaving sakiori (rags)

P1060059log cabin

it all looks very blue!

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  1. velma bolyard permalink
    December 6, 2014 4:35 am

    can you imagine me swooning? i am. what a lovely shimacho! i love how the covers are wuiet, but nothing inside is quiet! it’s a feast in there! i’m honored you used my paper. and then there is that big cloth full of color. and the rag weaving. holy moly, jean!


    • December 6, 2014 8:12 am

      Velma – I would love to see you swoon! thank you for the paper, it is so much a part of the whole and a pleasure to use.


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