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baste fibres on the loom

December 7, 2012

winding a warp, keeping my fingers crossed and thinking positive

weaving-finishing 206

a very mixed-up warp of 40/2 linen, handspun ramie singles dyed with kakishibu

a hemp/cotton blend dyed with something yellow and natural grey European hemp singles

weaving-finishing 209 you can see the cross between the lease sticks and the raddle in the back

I put elastic bands over the pegs in the raddle to keep the warp bundles from popping out of their spaces

only one broken thread, I sprayed the warp with spray starch to help it behave

weaving-finishing 210

threading went very quickly at  30 epi

now I get to play, the weft in each square will be different – handspun cotton/silk, shifu, almost anything that is the right weight and natural colours

weaving-finishing 214

the pattern is a M’s and O’s variation that I adapted from a picture of an obi and have woven before

weaving-finishing 212

it will/should change somewhat when washed – I hope – 3 table runners or cushions, time will tell

I think the problem with WordPress has been solved, after I upgraded my Microsoft program and then the Firefox (web browser) program – all a challenge for my limited computer skills

and without even trying I’ve ended up with a change in font – not sure I like that – a new background colour and some squiggly bits in the top left corner. To fed-up to work on fixing them

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  1. December 10, 2012 1:35 am

    I like everything I see. And the font’s ok.


    • December 10, 2012 9:17 am

      Neki – thanks – the coloured background and the font seem to have corrected themselves/ or maybe Santa’s elves?


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