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a new month, a new season, a new year

September 1, 2014


Family Album 146 jpg

sweet 13

did someone say “ice cream and cake”?

chocolate, please

dyed blue

August 30, 2014

this one’s for me


woven shibori –  first seen here

two bags were dyed, stitched and sold last Summer

the third fabric length was set aside and then forgotten

my original bag has been in use for approximately 15 years

 still looking good


back then I wove the handles, also – that was boring!

now I purchase a heavy cotton commercial tape and dye it with the weaving


it is becoming more difficult to find cotton, for dyeing, so I buy several yards at a time

still playing in the indigo vat, the cotton lining was pleated, tied and dyed


P1050456I never get tired of the little surprises in shibori

or indigo dyeing


and pockets for everything


August 27, 2014

keeping watch


the hollyhocks are finished


2 pounds of frozen flowers – I needed the space in the freezer!

handspun silk, mordanted with alum

brought to a simmer, then the frozen flowers added

simmered for an hour and left to cool overnight


8 ounces of a dark denim blue

in the exhaust bath, same dye procedure,  4 ounces of a dark grey

the first dyeing absorbed all the blue

the third skein was dyed with rose/pink blossoms – it is a medium pinky beige (darker than in the picture)

all the skeins were tussah silk – the colours might be different on a white silk

the ties are cotton and with the dark blossoms are a pale mauve


nature knows the seasons are changing


mysterious surprises

August 23, 2014

shadow patterns fascinate me

P1050433spring-shadows 005

the edges are blurred

there is a sense of mystery

they bring to mind Angeles Arrien’s words

“Rules for Life

Show up

Pay attention

Tell the truth

Don’t be attached to the results.”

shadows 003

it is the last sentence I struggle with

in my work – and life itself –  I’m very attached to results

 I often overlook the mystery

forget to appreciate the blurred edges


there is mystery in the indigo vat – is it in the bubbles?


and frequently at the loom


second towel – red weft with striped border

P1050431 yellow weft and different coloured stripes

 doesn’t the twill pattern look like shadows?

many weavers struggle with colour

warp threads blend with weft threads and create a third colour

not always a welcome surprise

P1050439plum weft and more stripes

it’s in the experimenting

and the doing that we learn

more threads

August 20, 2014

this is the rainbow warp on the warping mill P1050410

it looks more like Crayola colours

tea towels guaranteed to brighten any morning


just getting started – navy blue bamboo weft

the same advancing twill – using up more of the stash


the studio looks like a big wind blew through


the morning after starting a new class – it’s a tight fit!


last weekends Fibrations – under a brilliant blue sky


it gets bigger and better every year

thanks to Knotty by Nature and Ryan and Stephanie

I didn’t participate this year so had lots of time to see everything


experienced hands at work

Barbara Birke’s bobbin lace is exquisite

she talked and answered questions while continuing to weave this intricate pattern

it is lovely to see the old crafts still being professionally worked

glorious colour

August 14, 2014


after weeks of hot, dry weather and forest fires burning throughout the province


it rained steadily all night

the Earth sighed

 the birds sang

P1050404and I finished weaving the scarves

two slightly different wefts

P1050406on one side the weft floats over three threads

on the other side the warp floats over three threads

can you see the difference in the diagonal pattern?

P1050407the center piece, woven at the end of the warp, has a weft of silver-grey silk

I was so happy weaving this colour sequence with the advancing twill


that the next warp will be cotton tea towels in a rainbow lineup

there is going to be a bumper crop of grapes

P1050358in this corner bed in Beacon Hill Park

blooms this mysterious flower – growing 4-5 feet tall

P1050355does anyone know what it is??

I need to have one

P1050401the rain has stopped, the sun is back

the colours are clean and sparkling

a week of colour

August 11, 2014

in the summer, when the indigo vat is working well, anything that isn’t nailed down gets dyed


 2 skeins of 20/2 silk I inherited from a retiring weaver

not exactly my colours

a couple dips in the indigo fixed that


the skein on the bottom is handspun silk that was a sad pale indigo

it went into the vat as well

P1050382Merino wool on the top and a silk skein, now green, at the bottom

they were a very bright yellow dyed with rhubarb root

 after 2 quick dips I’m not sure how the brown happened or if it can be repeated

it is a nice heather-y mix and would be lovely for a tweed jacket


the small blue skein is the same merino that got lost at the bottom of the vat and wasn’t retrieved until the end of the day


the shifu sample is a winner,  the linen warp and paper yarn are similar in shade

the twisted slubs in the paper thread add interest

I think there is a shifu project in the works

P1050393the second piece of woven shibori is dyed

with the 2 pieces there is 1 1/2 metres,  what to use them for?

P1050375a change from the blue

there is a bumper crop of figs, I just have to get to them before the starlings and raccoons!


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