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September 18, 2014

our painted ceramics after being firedP1050563happy with the results – we all had fun

while on Salt Spring I treated myself to a new pair of slippers

 just in time for a change in the weather

P1050647locally made by Soul Comfort (don’t you love the name?)

locally sourced sheepskin and fleece

I think I’ll even sleep in them

 P1050629this hand-stitched quilt is the work of Jim Erickson

the knitted lace border, with a bead weighing each point, is a delightful surprise finish

P1050630can you see the Academy Award figure stitched next to the signature initials?

he won an Academy Award for Best Art Direction in 2012 for “Lincoln”

my kind of stitching

you never know what you’ll see at a country fair!

what a difference colour makes


P1050662more student log cabin


the third pattern  – you can see the pink thread dividing it from the previous one

this one has more texture and the edges of each star are a little less well-defined

I like it best

P1050654time for a change

I’m pleased with my new cards

made by hand

September 15, 2014

it is always a treat to visit the home of artists/craft persons

while on Salt Spring, Rosemary and Len kindly offered me a bed for the night

P1050595 this display of ceramic folk art figures  greets you at  the front door

P1050596Len’s humorous creations


a peek into the garden, through a heart in the gate

P1050594at the door, Rosemary’s transparent tapestry

P1050588the 16 harness/shaft AVL compu-dobby dominates Rosemary’s studio space

conveniently situated off the living room

with 2 looms more loomsP1050592this one, a Louet “Spring”

they are seldom at rest

P1050593hand-woven rugs in the hall

P1050586linen curtains in the guest bedroom – and elsewhere in the house

P1050585an early morning visitor  – high fences keep the deer out

P1050599along the driveway huge Indian Bean trees (catalpa bignonioides)

thank you Rosemary and Len for a short, delightful stay

country life

September 14, 2014

going back in time

P1050566I live on Vancouver Island, off the West coast of Canada

ferry travel is a fact of life, at Swartz Bay terminal

there is a ferry in dock, one coming in, another just leaving and in the distance one heading for Vancouver, on the mainland


I am traveling to Salt Spring Island, where we once lived for 10 years

a 45 minute trip

to judge spinning at the Fall Fair


the weather was brilliant

there were crowds of locals and visitors

P1050617on an island know for its sheep there is interest in the weaving and spinning displays

my wonderful hostess, Rosemary, demonstrating weaving

P1050619aren’t the knitted “socks” on the table and chair legs wonderful?

this is a very well coordinated event, enthusiastically supported by the community

it has something for everyone

P1050641carding machine

P1050640processing local fleece


produce, they grow them big on the island – must be the manure!

P1050607a prize-winning cabbage

P1050626baking and eggs


P1050627and quiltsP1050614demonstrations – this one fascinated all ages

a clever blender attachment that fits over the back wheel of a bicycle

you can make your smoothie while you pedal!

P1050615a retreat for those of us who are just plain tuckered out

that’s it for today, folks

more tomorrow

cookies – anyone?

September 10, 2014

weaving pinwheels

P1050555the first pattern is – boring


a change of tie-up

 the second pattern is much better

P1050559and the circles are easy

indigo dyed linen and bleached cotton


the 8 harness/shaft LeClerc  “Voyageur” with folding table stand is a very nice student loom

P1050554Carly is doing a beautiful job on her first weaving – a log cabin scarf

she has inherited her grandmother’s floor loom and is going to be a great weaver

way to go, girl!

an explosion of colour

September 8, 2014

it’s a Super moon – in the early evening

a pastel world


another warp finished


the combination of colour and advancing twill create an illusion

of ? –  blurry movement

and look at those empty cones – still working on the stash!


the border on each towel makes them “one of a kind”

not just a length of fabric woven, cut and hemmed

but it does take more time

P1050543almost finished

handspun 2 ply silk

all natural dyes

more of the stash made into something soft and warm

what to do with the tiny balls of left overs?

and look at all the ends that need trimming.

girl’s day out

September 4, 2014

yesterday was a good time for a day with the girlsP1050522

we started with a list of things to do and places to go

first stop - Fired Up

P1050481the girls choose the same ceramic piece from a large selection of items

paint the inside first and then the lid

P1050482I choose something simple – another tea bowl

P1050483Jill worked very carefully – she wants to fill her’s with jelly beans

P1050484Carrie added names and dates under the lid and a butterfly stencil on the top

it took a couple of hours and a fun time was had by all

we have to wait a week for the work to be fired – I’m the impatient one

lunch – no fast food on girl’s day out

P1050505Prima Strata pizzeria

sitting at the counter we get a cooking lesson and watch the dough being made

P1050509into the wood fired oven

P1050511everybody managed to eat a whole pizza – the wine bottle is water – no drinking and driving for us

then off to get dessert – deep-fried Mars bars, but they were closed!

another time

we settled for meringues at Pure Vanilla, some of the best goodies in town

I was so busy eating and making a mess I forgot to take a picture

P1050515 crow was waiting to clean up

P1050513outside the Datura is in full bloom and the bees are humming

a new month, a new season, a new year

September 1, 2014


Family Album 146 jpg

sweet 13

did someone say “ice cream and cake”?

chocolate, please


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