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little things

October 11, 2017

nothing very interesting happening here

(perhaps that is a blessing and a relief)

taking advantage of the sunny autumn weather in the garden

a lovely old rhododendron died in the hot, dry summer

replaced with this Japanese maple – Acer Palmatum “Waterfall”

the leaves are a bright green and only change colour in the autumn

 not as big as I wanted but they are expensive  – even in a 30% off sale

so I’m talking to it and hoping it will thrive and grow

the scarves are finished

off the loom, washed, pressed and trimmed

all handspun silks in natural and natural dyed coloursthe inlay became a bit tedious towards the end

now it is on to bright cotton for the studio tour

using up small cones from the stash

while going through some old papers I came across this bit of wisdom from Calvin and Hobbs

(click on it to read)

what do you think?


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  1. October 13, 2017 8:18 am

    lovely scarves. i have a soft spot for japanese maples.and yes they are expensive 😦


    • October 13, 2017 8:31 am

      Neki – I was very happy to find this particular maple at the garden cnt. and not have to order it, the soft green colour is quite different than the usual burgundy (already have a mature one of those).


  2. vdbolyard permalink
    October 12, 2017 6:50 am

    i LOVE your scarves! and calvin and hobbs, well i wasn’t a fan (only through ignorance) ever, but i might become one after reading this.


    • October 12, 2017 8:20 am

      Velma – thank you, you can see by the colour how old the clipping is, it struck me as appropriate at hhis time. I’ve always enjoyed their view of life.


  3. October 12, 2017 3:48 am

    The scarves are gorgeous! I remember I first saw inlay on your blog, back when I was first starting to weave, and was stunned at how cool it looked–and it still amazes me but I haven’t tried it yet! And I love Calvin and Hobbes . . .


    • October 12, 2017 8:22 am

      Kerry – inlay forces you to slow down and think about “things”. And I too, love those two..


  4. Den permalink
    October 11, 2017 9:46 pm

    Love your meditative slow cloth and your appreciation.


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