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slow and steady

March 26, 2020

would you like to join me for a cuppa?

progress is slow

 if I was looking for quick and easy I’d find something else to do

and at this extraordinary time the only thing I have more of – than time – is scraps

for this book I wanted to try two separate covers

I plan to stitch a lining on the backs – but that comes later

I’m really not a lacy person

but am trying to remind myself that this is intended to be a teaching tool

therefore the lace and a tiny bead at the center of each “flower”

which is barely visible – maybe I should use a brighter colour

repetition is a design tool I like to use – colour, shape, texture and patterns

but I like it to be subtle – not the exact same thing over and over

the small brown square at the top left is dyed with kakishibu (Japanese persimmon)

so is the leaf shape on the second cover and the brown stripes in the handwoven scrap under the lace

the leaf is leftover from a project several years ago

I’m not sure it is going to work – it might get covered up with small pieces or finally scrapped forever

this is part of the fun of using scraps – you don’t have much money invested, just time

and it can all end up in the trash if it is screaming at you

take a break and look at it for a couple days

take a walk

dan-de-lion or tam-po-po (in Japanese)

how did a weed get such cute names?

the euphorbia is shouting “look at me”







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  1. March 27, 2020 2:06 am

    Don’t make the bead brighter – if it’s the same shade as the lace / background it will be a delightful, surprising texture, and texture is so important. Love your boro books. A totally new thing you have introduced to me. Thank you.


    • March 27, 2020 10:30 am

      Dawn – thank you, I haven’t changed it and you are right. It will be the leading edge of the front cover and can’t help but be touched when one opens the book.

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