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grey skies

January 12, 2020

so far, January has been very wet, windy and grey

the light is terrible for picture taking

it is also difficult to get in a daily walk without getting soaked

but it is easy to pick up a handful of wind-fall lichen each day

I’m hoping to gather enough of the different types to dye them separately and see how they differ in dye colour

flowers are blooming and the lichen swells with the rain

snow drops are bravely blooming

and mushrooms are popping up with the rain

in the evenings I’m spinning silk for future dye pots

labelled “mulberry roving” ? what’s that?

it spins beautifully –  purchased at Knotty by Nature at

 Christmas present to myself came a little late – but it is worth waiting for

can you imagine wearing these beautiful textiles for daily wear

amazing photographs by Joe Coca

I’ve enjoyed, even drooled over, his  photos in Handwoven Magazine for many years

my first magazine is dated 1979 – imagine that!

it is not a “how-to”  book – more like a coffee table book of stunning photos with short descriptions

it tells a little of his history as a photographer

and then page after page of gorgeous photos taken in his travels

I order all my books from Book Depository in the U.K.-

they always include a fun bookmark and free worldwide delivery, can’t beat that

now I’m off to wind a warp



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