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trial and error

September 13, 2019

working along at a snail’s pace

the tapestry loom is now wider

from a 12 inch weaving width to 18 inches

when I started I never thought I’d want to get that big

but really, in the history of tapestries, it is still very small – it is just very slow weaving

then I modified the warping technique for a Fringeless warp

instead of inserting a wooden jig to support the actual warp and the supplimentary top and bottom warps

I used Texsolve cord and steel rods borrowed from my table looms

it really needs S hooks on the top and bottom horizontal loom pipes to hold the cord

  I bought the largest ones the hardware store had but they weren’t big enough so I impatiently tied the cords to the horizontal loom bars

definitely not a good idea – terribly difficult to get the holes in the cord to line up

the finished tapestry may not be exactly square – will get the bigger S hooks for next time

a big thank you to Alison Irwin for the idea and how-to pictures

and now a new beginning

I tried resist tying a small skein of yellow wool – dyed with Lady’s Mantle

the picture is as close to the colour as I could get – the yellow is a little bit brighter

but this indigo vat definitely doesn’t like my wool -it is green but not as dark as I hoped

next I’ll try the technique on silk

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