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fun in the summer

July 10, 2019

Happy Birthday James

need to add a few more candles

yesterday, grandaughter Jillian and I spent a fun afternoon in Beacon Hill Park

it is a warm, fuzzy feeling when your 15 year old granddaughter wants to hang out with grandma

at the petting zoo

the name of each goat is printed on it’s collar – I wonder who gets to name them?

this little one was less than 12 hours old

the mini golf course is free  – help yourself to a ball and club

there must be at least a dozen peacocks that are free to roam the park

they are everywhere – calling and screeching, strutting about

proudly showing off and displaying their colours

no females in sight – must be in hiding!

this one took great pleasure in intimidating the ducks

we named him Donald

and the eagles were keeping watch

earlier that morning I had a very funny experience;

while crossing a busy intersection, in the crosswalk, a lady struck up a conversation

when she found out I was a weaver and that I made fabric buttons

(click on “buttons” in the side bar)

she became very excited, she had recently started making ceramic buttons and wanted some advice

we went to her car in the mall car park where she had a box of her buttons in the trunk

sorry I didn’t get a picture but I got her name and address – and I bought a piece

two senior ladies making a deal out of a car trunk in a mall car park!!

it’s a wonder we didn’t get arrested

and finally, the July backstrap weaving is finished

what’s next?

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  1. July 11, 2019 3:44 am

    I laughed out loud when I read you named the peacock Donald! What a nice day with your granddaughter! Your new button and your latest weaving are both really lovely.


    • July 11, 2019 7:20 am

      Kerry – I was surprised that my 15 year old, Canadian granddaughter thought Donald was an appropriate name. The baby goats all have cute names, young and old love the little petting zoo.


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