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another birthday

May 25, 2019

wow! 18 wonderful years

Happy Birthday Carrie (first grandchild)

how does it feel to be 18 – wish I could remember

4th birthday – all this partying is a bit overwhelming

all grown up – Milo is the baby now

Happy Birthday – lots of love – Nana

meanwhile I’m thinking about the next tapestry

maybe I need to start dyeing first?

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  1. Nanette permalink
    May 25, 2019 5:33 pm

    They do grow up awfully quickly, I have twin granddaughters turning 18 this year…..seems like no time at all since I cuddled one, all damp and smelling sweetly of birthing, while we waited for number 2. I love your wool colours, especially the pinks and blues…..what colours are you thinling for dyeing?


    • May 25, 2019 10:47 pm

      Nanette – what a wonderful memory you have of the twin’s birth. The years have definitely flown by, you realize it more as you get older. Grandson will be 18 this year too, all our talk now is about college and university. The colours are piled on the living room floor (good thing I live alone!) I’ll study them for a few days before making decisions, maybe spin some wool before dyeing.

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