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everything is blooming

May 19, 2018

nothing much is happening

weeding, watering and trips to the garden recycle

here, under the Vancouver Island weather bubble, I’ve never seen such abundant growth

weeds as well as all good things wish you could small the French lavender – look out for the bees!

the irises are magnificent

in several colours

and the rhodos

are at their best

inside, the orchid

is competing

and of course the tapestry loom is blooming too

weaving the pattern sideways – my brain doesn’t work well sideways – ouch!

a package from Velma with some of her beautiful handmade paper

I’ve already started stitching

while I plan a small book – the flowers are in the paper

weaving samples for a dresser runner order

the natural weft is a soft, thick and thin organic cotton

it is beautiful but expensive, it would make a wonderful baby blanket

 the pattern is a six harness spot weave

now I’m going to sit in the sun and stitch

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  1. May 21, 2018 6:36 am

    Gorgeous blooms.sitting in the sun and stitching is one of life’s pleasures


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