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kimono and silk

October 5, 2016

searching the stash for an interesting lining fabric for the next hanten p1100633I found these pieces of silk kimono

they have been cut to accommodate a front collar band

which makes me wonder if it was used as a lining

but the silk is heavy and the pattern more elaborate than most linings

p1100635I’m considering making a western style top out of it

in Japan this Spring

Toshiko-san gave us a fashion show of wonderful garments she made from kimono fabrics

while wearing a two piece outfit

she also emptied the closet

p1090805patchwork, applique pockets


p1090806look at the neckline detail and fabric buttons


wonderful details and perfect workmanship

p1090801 a very wearable jacket

each piece was lined with more kimono silk

recycling at its very best

p1090831and Erica-san in her two piece dress

I want to go and take a class

a seemingly endless supply of fabrics is available at

at Narita airport I bought this book to amuse myself on the long flight homep1100636articles from a popular magazine, Nanao – in English

how young professional woman are recycling their mother’s

and grandmother’s kimono

did you know, there is no “s” on kimono to make it plural

p1100638how to choose undergarments, obi, accessories and footwear

to create modern, high fashion for everyday wear

p1100640and even how to put it on

finally a new Kimono blog has come to my attention

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