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zen and gardens

September 25, 2016

continuing on from the last post

p1100547 the prayer flags to date

April and May has one flag – I was in Japan and short on time

p1100364the cranes are hanging inside , out of the wind and rain

p1100548October’s flag, Abundance

the harvest basket idea comes from the work of Ayako Miyawaki

today, after a cloudy start the sun made an appearance

and grandson Iain and I went on a garden viewing excursion

he is working on a school project of his choosing

“Zen and Japanese gardens”

we were all a little surprised at his choice – but….

first we visited the Inazo Nitobe Memorial Garden at the Royal Jubilee Hospital

p1100560Nitobe was a Japanese statesman who died at the hospital in 1933

the small garden has a water harp chamber – sui-kin-kutsu

p1100558which we couldn’t find

but I’m going back to do some research

then it was on to the garden at Robin Hopper’s Pottery

p1100563and Hatley Park/ Royal Roads Japanese gardens

(my mother took me here as a child)

now designated a National Historic Site


construction of the Japanese gardens started in 1908

p1100576with a tea house on the small island in the man-made lake

p1100572and then one last stop at my favorite garden center

p1100580to see their tiny water feature

Iain is planning a tsubo niwa or courtyard garden

which traditionally measures 3.3 square metres or the size of two tatami mats

a good day of homework

now it is decision time and some hard work

at home, bravely growing in the sidewalk

p1100545my own mini garden

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  1. September 26, 2016 3:50 am

    How old is Iain? What a great project! I like seeing all the prayer flags in one place–how are the cranes holding up?


    • September 26, 2016 8:16 am

      Kerry – Iain was 15 on Sept 1, now in grade 10. Cranes are happy to be in out of the rain.


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