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September 23, 2016

the first full day of Autumn

not much exciting at the market

p1100546but the colours are wonderful

and the theme for October’s flag is Abundance

an early start – the idea comes from

an exhibition catalogue

” Rag Art” from 1988

p1100549of applique work by Ayako Miyawaki  1905 – 1995

using recycled Japanese fabrics

p1100550her designs feature everyday items

mainly fish and vegetables and flowers

p1100553here is a great link to all you ever wanted to know about the Japanese love of octopus

NHK is the Japanese national broadcaster

there are many different 28 minute, made for T.V., documentaries

on the home page click on  “on demand”

and then “Trails to Tsukiji”

Tsukiji is the world’s largest food market

a truly amazing place

octopus in Japanese is tako

when I was visiting my friend in Itami

she had a tako yaki party with friends and neighbours

(there is a brief look at tako yaki on the NHK site)

p1090782Deko getting started – that’s an octopus

p1090790a little like a fondue party

cooked at the table, in a special electric pan

p1090789of course, there are lots of side dishes

p1090791everyone participates – even husbands!

p1090794did you know?

the Japanese love to party

what a memory – thanks everyone

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  1. September 23, 2016 4:48 pm

    You have that book by Miyawaki! I saw it in the reference section of the Vancouver library and photocopied as much as I could. I love her work! So simple and imaginative.


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