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time flies

July 28, 2016

another month  – another prayer flag

finished on time

P1100206Tanabata wishes on rag strips that hung outside for a week

blowing in the wind – and rain


the backing is tied shibori dyed with Japanese ink (sumi)

I’ve been picking guard hairs out of the qiviut

it is surprisingly clean – it gives me all my allergy symptoms – but is fine once washed

P11002083 ounces with a bit still to pick and spin

it is very light so I’m hoping there will be enough for a scarf

finally, there is a warp on the loom

I get miserable when there isn’t any weaving to escape to

don’t need to go near it for days, but do need to know it is there

P1100209Monk’s belt

tightly twisted linen warp and tabby weft

handspun wool pattern weft

I planned to use all sorts of crazy colours but couldn’t stop weaving this indigo

the plan is for toss cushions,  next one will be colourful

P1100191still busy, busy in the garden

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  1. July 29, 2016 3:07 am

    I find I feel the same way about having something on my loom, ready to weave–it’s just nice to know it’s there, waiting. You have so many outlets for your creativity and time–something for every mood!


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