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advancing slowly

December 21, 2015

the weather is WET and blustery

crows 001 crows can always find something to do

P1080023so can this squirrel!

another warp woven and off the loom

bath towels, linen and cotton – 24″ x 45″  (61 x 114.5 cm)

P1080025far right, there was enough warp left to weave a hand towel ( the warp runs horizontally)

P1080027they haven’t been washed yet

the washer and dryer are still hanging out in the living room

the hems aren’t stitched as the sewing table is also in the living room

P1080033very pleased with the binding warp

4 inches  (10.5 cm) sett at 32 epi

log cabin pattern

weaving with 2 shuttles will slow me down – a bit

but I like how the blocks repeat the patches on the small quilt

and the colours reflect the front piece and the odd lining

P1080036surprising what turns up when cupboards have to be emptied

a bag of odd Icelandic wool

probably never finished because it was the last of a fleece and not the best!

a small amount of pink was carded with white and spun into a 2 ply skein

the natural light grey is slowly being hand carded

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  1. December 22, 2015 4:13 am

    Okay, so, can I hear more about the binding warp? Is it for the towels? Wow . . .


    • December 22, 2015 7:24 am

      Kerry – no binding on towels, they are finished except for stitching the hems. The binding finishes the edge of the small boro quilt – once the hand stitching is finishing and the backing is on


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