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it’s a multi-cultural world

April 23, 2015

some time ago I received an email from France

a new magazine was being conceived and they would like to use one of my photographs

now this is surprising enough

but the fact that they asked permission

when a very great many on the internet seem to think it is just fine to help themselves

without so much as a please or thank you

was a pleasant, refreshing surprise.

P1060743well, they didn’t use my photo after all

but they did send me a copy of the 1st edition

the bits and pieces, lower right in the picture, are from my stash

that’s about as cute as I get

“kawaii’ in Japanese is all things CUTE – very, very cute

and Japanese woman of all ages seem to have bought into this trend

P1060740the pop culture – mainly seen in the big cities is extreme

the magazine covers fashion (of course) and entertainment, art,music, manga

indigo – again the fabrics at the top are from my stash

nothing trendy there

P1060742and food

P1060741even this Canadian, living in a multi-cultural society

is a little surprised at a gyoza bar featuring ravioli with Japanese sauce!

I can even read the recipes

a beautiful magazine, available in June, check it out at

I wish them luck

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  1. April 23, 2015 3:10 pm

    Culture clash! And, yet, it all seems to work–fun!


    • April 23, 2015 3:34 pm

      Kerry – Tokyo’s trendy pop culture is as far as you can get from old, traditional Kyoto so it isn’t a big leap to see it all in French.


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