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June 13, 2014

blogging has introduced me to a new world of information and sharing

for anyone interested in needlework



or the power of one small stitch

don’t miss this — at

as it is being posted over several days be sure to see them all


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  1. lagriccia permalink
    June 14, 2014 11:27 pm

    Thank you for this information, I spent a good half hour looking at the pictures and reading the comment. What an incredible piece of art, in a way it reminded me of the Dinner Party of Judi Chicago. I would like so much to see this work, I hope that it travels to Italy.


    • June 15, 2014 7:02 am

      Blandina – the detail is incredible. Don’t imagine I will have the opportunity to see it so I have ordered the book, only hope the pictures are as detailed as Kate’s.


  2. June 14, 2014 3:23 am

    This is some of the most fabulous artwork I’ve seen–now I want the book!


    • June 14, 2014 7:19 am

      Kerry – I’m wondering if the photos in the book are as good as

      Kerry – I wonder if the photos in the book are as good as Kate’s?


      • June 16, 2014 3:37 am

        Kate’s are wonderful, I agree! I love the detail she’s has shown. But I’d like the book, too, to have the story and full-frame photos of every panel, all in one place.


      • June 16, 2014 7:38 am

        Kerry – there is so much to see in each panel, I just want time to take in the small details.


  3. June 13, 2014 11:17 am

    I saw her posts. It is an amazing piece.


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