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wooly stripes

November 15, 2013

the sett is 12 epi – I haven’t woven less than 20 epi in years

weaving-finishing 368

handspun 2 ply wool, mostly natural dyes

it is very satisfying to use up small quantities of yarn

but — they are from different sheep breeds, spun at different times and the weights vary

can only hope, when washed, they will “play nice” together!

weaving-finishing 369

there is enough warp for 4 cushions which allows me to play with different colours

they are going to weave up quickly

do I leave them for the studio tour?

or,  finish weaving and then have to warp again –  all in 2 weeks??

natural dyes 298

top dyeing grey wool gives some interesting results

exhausting the pomegranate dye

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