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lessons learned and more questions

July 3, 2013

one of the shibori samples was woven with stripes in the weft

it occurred to me that pleating it would change the pattern dramatically

2013 explorations 022

different folds change the pattern and colour

2013 explorations 025

it would be interesting to warp the loom with a narrow stripe and try more samples

but–what does one do with pleated fabric??

the final 2 yards — vat dyed with black

as I don’t use these dyes very often I needed to do a test before committing the weaving to the pot

2013 explorations 019

an old damask napkin previously dyed with madder

folded and block resisted, I didn’t take much time or care with it

but  the results are interesting and I may do some stitching on it – someday

2013 explorations 028

the horizontal stripes are  silk overtwist  yarn

the dyeing process seems to have affected the elastic properties

oh well, that’s what sampling is all about

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  1. July 6, 2013 5:46 pm

    I so enjoy all your creative experiments! I have some black vat dye in the dye cupboard but haven’t used it yet. I really love the effects. And here I was trying to learn not to bemoan a lack of time. Apparently one is supposed to have enough in one’s life for everything! I beg to differ…


    • July 6, 2013 8:39 pm

      Louisa – I’ve used several of the vats dyes and the results are always interesting. If I had enough time to do everything I’d be buried under stuff. Sometimes limitations are essential. Hope you’re having a good summer – now it has finally come.


  2. July 3, 2013 4:37 pm

    The pleats are interesting and certainly give a dimensional quality to the cloth. Deep pleats could be pockets, pleats can be stitched, or unstitched or even stitched in one direction and then the other. Colette Wolff’s Manipulating Fabric has such an infinite array of ideas I hesitate to mention it since you are already on such a hot streak of creativity!


    • July 3, 2013 4:41 pm

      thanks, Heather. any and all ideas are good. don’t know if I’ll ever get to it but seem to be on a fast track to somewhere


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