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Otafuku – joy of Japan

December 22, 2011

Amy Katoh is the author of  Blue and White Japan,  Japan  Country Living,  Japan, the Art of Living 

and this little gem, Otakufu – Joy of Japan

she symbolizes the Japanese essence of woman, housewife, mother and guardian spirit

“she’s not much to look at. She tends to be plump and frumpy, but something about Otafuku makes her the one you want to come home to.” 




the book has a recipe for Apricot Bars – sticky but yummy -the baking is done.



Otafuku’s image can be found on everything, figurines, masks, kitchen ware, advertising

and everwhere –  in homes, shops, schools and Shinto shrines










 even painstakingly slow e-gasuri or picture ikat.

She symbolizes home, hearth and family.



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  1. December 24, 2011 2:32 am

    I’ve not heard of her either, but like her. Have a wonderful time this Christmas, blessings, love Lis x


  2. December 23, 2011 10:37 pm

    Otafoku was unknown to me too, but I knew Estia, sister of zeus, the gentlest between the Greek gods, goddess of domesticity…and for that she had no role in Greek Mythology!
    Merry Christmas Jean.


  3. December 23, 2011 3:25 am

    i’ve never heard of otafuku. but i like her happy countenance. i think i need a dose of her, especially this winter! thanks, jean, for honoring her.


  4. December 23, 2011 1:01 am

    can take her as arole model?? 🙂
    good holidays to you. peace and joy with your dear ones.


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