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art in the park

August 6, 2011

tomorrow is the first of 2 “art in the park” events I’m involved in.

it’s more work than it looks.



what to take? how much to take? pricing is tricky.





with textiles things have to be pressed. Tags have to be sewn on each item.



some of my weaving is purchased as gifts so prices have to peel off  leaving washing instructions. 




hope I haven’t forgotten anything. A little prayer to the weather gods and I’m all set to go.

Oh, no, don’t forget lunch and the float.

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  1. August 7, 2011 7:55 am

    ok, i understand everything here, but what is the float? will you be having root beer floats? will you be floating in a pond, a pool, a lake? does this take place on a party barge? will you need a buoy (of sorts) to mark your passage? something to do with levitation? balloons?


    • August 7, 2011 8:56 am

      all or any of the above. takes place beside a creek which at this time of year bearly floats the ducks. wouldn’t mind levitating home at the end of the day but the float, in this instance, is cash on hand to make change for all the lovely sales I’m hoping for.


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