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paper cuts

June 26, 2011

and finally,  shifu samples, the top 2 are woven on the end of silk warps while at Kawashima, the blue and striped were also silk warp ends woven by Flora Ito at Kawashima and the 2 bottom right are samples cut from obi bought at Kitano Tenjin Shrine in Kyoto.

old obi, woven on a cotton warp, the weft is a paper core with short silk fibre wrapped around it

another obi sample from my roommate Hiraga Taeko. Woven on a heavily starched silk warp the shifu weft is loosely placed and not beaten.

a bag from Kichiyo Nagai, traditional kimono weaver. The black patterning is ink, woven on a silk warp there are 2 weft shots of bundled silk thrums between each paper weft. Notice the kumihimo handles!

the coasters are woven by Katsumi Sachie with both a shifu warp and weft using all natural dyes.

double-sided table mat , 5 1/2″ X 5 1/2″, woven on a silk warp of different weights the shifu weft has an inlay pattern using shifu thread. All natural dyes.


with these shifu postings I’m with Velma and her class at the Morgan Conservatory in Cleveland – in spirit.

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  1. June 26, 2011 8:14 pm

    and i wish you were here with me in the flesh! we had a fun time making rustic shifu, shifu north country style! i love these pieces about shifu… them. big smile.


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