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warped and weaving

January 18, 2011

–there’s a saying that all weavers have to be warped–and there are days that I definitely agree! Yesterday I set myself a goal of threading, tying on and starting to weave.  I started late and stopped 15 minutes for lunch, finally finishing the first inch of weaving at 6:45. This is retirement? 

The colour is just a little dark but is better than the washed out  pictures using the flash. Can’t move the loom to take advantage of natural light.

The warp is the 22/2 Irish linen and this weft is a Swedish 20/2 linen that I dyed last summer with kakishibu. The colour variations are my imperfect skills with kakishibu but I like the effect–makes it look homespun.

The 1 inch white strip at the bottom was woven with a finer singles linen and will be turned back for the hem. There is no true plain weave with this threading so it has a pattern of warp stripes. 

The double hem stitching takes a little extra time but is nice and as the pattern is woven with only one shuttle it will weave up quickly.

I have enough warp on for 6 hand towels and will use a different weft for each one.

I have a weaver friend who is clever with words, she wrote me this;

Old gardeners never die–they just go to seed

Old dyers never die–they just go to pot

Old knitters never die–they just drop their stitches

Old weavers never die–they just have a bout

Old spinners never die–they just spin out.      Ruth Griffiths   Thanks, Ruth

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  1. Evelyn Oldroyd permalink
    January 19, 2011 9:22 am

    Beautiful colour from the kakishibu dyeing. Is this a pattern from the old weaving book? The towels will be a pleasure to use.


    • January 19, 2011 10:27 am

      this is the pattern show in the book in the blog “traditions”. It is only 4 harness but I thought my beginner weaving students might enjoy weaving an old pattern. I absolutely love dyeing with kakishibu and the colour. Need lots of solar rays to darken the dye/colour.


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