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eco dyed linen

December 19, 2010

This is the result of my eco dye “sausage”. Bought at a thrift store, it had 2 or 3 small stains , no holes and a very nice hem-stitched edge. First I folded, board clamped and shibori dyed it in lichen. The straight lines (mostly vertical) are still visible. Then it was mordanted in alum. Logwood chips, which had been used in 3 previous dye baths were sprinkled all over–that’s the purple, and rhodo leaves were scattered over the length. It was rolled up, tied tightly and steamed for approx. 1 hour. Think I managed to leave it for 6 days–that’s the hardest part. 

The colour is more golden than the picture shows. Some of the leaves left a definite impression. The rhodo leaves have responded to the direct contact and perhaps the longer time period than their colour in the dye bath. 

I love this technique, it’s simple, eco-friendly and the surprise result is always interesting. Not for control freaks.

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