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rain, rain,go away

December 12, 2010

Starting a major dyeing project was not the smartest of ideas. Nothing will dry. It has been raining steadily for 24 hours. Hard! Kept me awake most of last night.  There is 3 inches of standing water in my front garden and a stream in my back yard–where there should NOT be a stream. I have a sump pump in the back but it can’t keep up. And I’ve been shovelling the water away from my studio-with a snow shovel. We live in a rain forest! At least it is not snow.

I’ve finished spinning all the natural dyed silk and will combine it with a 2 ply merino (the white) that I spun from a raw fleece. It is the only time I’ve processed merino from start to finish. You have to be careful as it felts easily. I flick carded the tips, layered it lightly between window screening, placed it in a big colander and let it sit in very hot soapy water. Lifted it out to drain and then dried in the sun. It is the softest, squishiest (is that a word? the spell check doesn’t think so) wool I have ever spun. I plan to weave both warp and weft in stripes so that the merino will full-just a little-and create a textured fabric. There are hours of work in that little collection of yarn so hope it works.

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