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surprise presents

December 2, 2010

I received a wonderful surprise package in the mail today. From a dear friend and roomate in Japan–an assortment of bits and pieces. Pictures of Noh costume, an intricate laser cut card, sashiko patterns, a little woven bookmark with pictures of the workshop where it was woven, picture cards of the woven installation work of Asako Ishizaki. And froggy things–a small art work with haiku, a heavy paper like square with the message “see HP for use”?? Will have to research this. Taeko-san puts post-it note explanations on things. And last but not least a little bean bag frog stitched from antique kimono silk.

The frog thing is something I picked up while at school in Japan. The noun for frog in Japanese is kaeru which also is the root of the verb “to return”.  During the rainy season the school was  invaded by little tree frogs. I thought they were cute but the students didn’t and I was constantly called upon to put them out. Of course they came right back. When I left the school I was given presents of frogs and this has continued.

Just a small part of the collection.

Ishizaki sensei was an instructor at Kawashima Textile School in Kyoto when I was there for 6 months in 1987. Now retired she weaves amazing installation pieces. Her work is featured in  VAV magazine  4/08.

I’ll hop off now. Thanks Taeko-san. I love my parcel.

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