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eco dyed and stitching

November 18, 2010

Still stitching on the table cloth I eco dyed in September. This is going to take some time–quite a bit of time! First I dyed a cotton table cloth from a charity shop, and 2 linen, damask napkins. This was fun! So I stitched the napkins to the tablecloth and layered more plant material, rolled it all up, steamed it and sun-baked it for 10 days. 

You can just see the edge of a napkin in the lower left corner. The napkins were my Mom’s, she loved to entertain, they are threadbare. 

So, on to the patches, stitching  and embellishment. I have no real design in mind. I’m listening to the cloth and doing what it tells me. As I said, this may take a while.

With all my dyeing this summer I had a brain wave–dah! I started tossing a handful of thrums into the dyes.  That’s some of them in the box. They are just the right length and wonderful to stitch with. For non-weaver’s, thrums are the warp threads at the end of a weaving which can’t be woven.

I cut the applique leaves from this summer’s dyeing experiments using real leaves as a pattern. The brown oak leaf, left center, is kakishibu dyed cotton.

I am loving this process, it  may well take forever.

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  1. November 22, 2010 6:36 pm

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  2. November 20, 2010 7:04 am

    then you have time, for sure.
    love the threads.


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