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end of a warp

November 2, 2010

I’ve been weaving for more than 30 years. For me, the most interesting moments are the first few inches of a new warp and when you cut the weaving off and get to see the entire length — hopefully with no mistakes. Sometimes a warp is just right. It’s problem free and fun to weave. The finished cloth is all that you planned/hoped for and possibly just a little more. This was one of those times. Although it has an autumn-y look it definitely was a summer project.

The warp is 16/2 cotton solar dyed with heather prunings (the yellows), mahonia berries (blue), madder and kakishibu with both a baking soda and an iron modifier. The only mordant I use is alum.

The pattern wefts, left to right are; a scarf with handspun singles silk dyed in an exhaust bath of lac and persimmon. The yardage below it is for a shopping/work bag and has a handspun 2 ply hemp weft dyed with walnut husks. 

The 2 pieces on the right are table mats/runners. Both wefts are shifu, cut and spun from Japanese paper but with different papers. They were dyed with kakishibu but took the colour a little differently. The yellow stripe is shifu dyed with onion skins.

The natural light is changing with the season and it is difficult to get clear colour definition but this is close.

Now on to winding a new warp.

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  1. November 3, 2010 2:51 am

    beautiful. oh, to touch these! pics are good, thanks, but i want to touch!


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