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focus on fibre

October 1, 2010

Recycled blue jean fibre is interesting to work with. The fibre I am currently spinning is quite roughly prepared. It still has small lengths of threads throughout it and even tiny pieces of woven cloth. I hand card it with a very small amount of silk fibre to give it some length. Still it is slow to spin and I ply it with a very fine cotton yarn (left over from my weaving days in Japan). It has a nice “scrunchy” feel and a very rustic look.

I once had a different supplier and it was a much finer fibre. Easier to spin and I didn’t ply it. The blue weft yarn in the background fabric is from this source.

The sample is knitted on 3.75 mm needles in garter stitch and shows the texture nicely.

The small square was woven on a 2″ weavette loom (thank you Steph). I can’t wait to weave this in a fabric but don’t know what to use it for yet.

Fun but slow.

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