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weaving autumn

September 30, 2010

The colours and patterns of this fall are better than we’ve seen for many years. Today was beautiful, sunny and hot. It was difficult to spend time indoors. 


Strong, red yellow and orange are not colours I often use in my weaving. But I like the effect when I do.


 Krokbragd is a Norwegian weave structure traditi0nally used to weave floor rugs. It is a 3 shaft point twill. Because it is weft faced it is slow to weave and has a definite “right” side. Woven with handspun wool on a linen warp.  

This is a M’s and O’s pattern I modified from the pattern on a Japanese obi. The warp threads were resist tied and dyed in a kasuri (ikat) technique.


The colours of nature are always an inspiration.

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